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  1. Bosses (Brute bosses &, megabosses) issue challenges to units to “duff them up” on a 4+ Unit fights first lmao thatd be nice
  2. I left suggest swapping out the Ancient and either the Wych or TRevs for Durthu as the general 2nd artefact could be wraithstone for some more -1 bravery debuff
  3. I think if you’re going to play heartwood you should have more(bigger units of) Hunters. Chuck in a Treelord/TLA/Durthu or 2 for their stomp (and other abilities). The Glade almost tell you what to include for them to work best
  4. @Predien just drop Spite revs from 20 to 15. Easy
  5. @Craze I like the list! Personally, I’d load Durthu with the greenwood gladius to fish for more of those exploding Winterleaf hits - but totally understand why you went with Gryhrstrike lol Let us know how you fair
  6. I’m thinking Once per game, all units get to pile in and attack twice (or simply just double the amount of the attacks for units this combat phase). And keep Smashing and Bashing
  7. Add 1 damage to Brutes Choppas and Jagged Gore Hackas Add an additional mortal wound on 6 with the jagged gore hackas Gore-Choppa is flat 3 damage with mortals on 6 Then I’d pay 180 for them
  8. I’m fond of the Stave on a Branchwraith with Throne of vines to get +2 to summoning dryads first turn
  9. Someone get this man to the hospital! He is literally dying of a lack of knowledge of a fictional character 😆
  10. Im thinking Warchanters, Wurrgoggs and Wardokks will get reinvented. Performing prayers or ‘Chants’ if you’d like What kind of Chants could we see? #food4thought
  11. Do we think Warclans will change the way both armies play? Or that they’ll play the same but just with each other? Do we think the Waaagh mechanic will change? I for one hope some good comes of Gordrakk
  12. Ah. Nvm. Thanks. Break up 20 Ardboys into 10 Then add Gore gruntas
  13. Thoughts on the viability of this? Orruk Warboss with waaagh Banner Weirdnob Shaman (General) - Prophet Of Da Waaaagh - Lens Of Refraction Weirdnob Shaman - Aetherquartz Brooch Warchanter Warchanter 30 Ardboys 20 Ardboys 20 Ardboys 20 Ardboys ironfist Balewind Vortex Chanters buff 30man blob So they get 2+ to hit Warboss pops CA for +1 attack Shaman casts Hand Shaman casts Balewind + Msytic shield 30 Ardboys drop 9” away from enemy Move d6” in hero phase Charge with a +3 30 dudes getting 4attacks each hitting on 2s, wounding on 3s And a 4+ rerolling 1s save Then there’s 60more where that came from
  14. Like this idea! There are heaps of fun new builds for IJs now I love it! Unfortunately, with your tactic, Bash Em Lads only works for units wholly within 12” when they attack. Or have I read it wrong?
  15. You can now run Gordrakk in a Ironsunz/Bloodtoofs battalion with 5x units of Gruntas (or Ardboys) with 80pts left over for a Warchanter, Gloomspite Shaman or CP I personally prefer the Ironsunz for using Gordrakk and Gruntas as the -1 to hit improves Big G’s survivability and Gruntas don’t necessarily need extra bravery D3 additional attacks and wounds on the compulsory MBMK is fun. And he could have either a Metalrippers Claw, Etheral Amulet, Ignax’s Scales or Doppleganger Cloak for funsies
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