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  1. So with GHB19 around the corner What changes (if any) for Ironjawz do we hope to see? Point changes? Different artefacts or traits? Developed allegiance abilities? Lets get some wishlisting happening 😁
  2. Let us know how 2 ArchRevs go!
  3. @BetterOffGwen like where your heads at. I might suggest dropping that 5th unit of SRevs for another Branchwraith (with ToV) and just spam more dryads. Could even drop 10 dryads off that 30 blob and add another ArchRev. But I’m not sure on the utility of 2 ArchRevs yet...
  4. I could see a singular terrain piece representing Realmroots with great abilities like healing, summoning and teleporting and us still being able to summon a Wyldwood terrain piece (but brought down heaps in terms of spamming) which would still block LoS, move and attack units nearby.... Just my 2c
  5. Hey y’all I’m thinking of getting amongst Grandfather’s Blessing. What does everything think of the Blightcyst with 30-35 Blightkings? How well does that do? W/ LoB, HoD, Chaos Lord + Sorcerer Lord ? Happy for some input
  6. @Malakree I like a lot of your suggestions. Except for the 2+ or 3+ saves respectively - seems a bit op. Ive been wishlisting the idea of Ironclad across the board as an alleigience ability! Saves stay the same but reduce the rend from attacks by 1. Makes choppy units less choppy but isn’t op against no rend attacks
  7. How about just ALL Brutes?
  8. Brutes - 160pts MBMK - 380/400pts Change my mind hahaha
  9. Thank you @broche and @Superninja appreciate the input. I’ll try it and see Yes, @Skumbaagh I had the same query. I didn’t think Ironskull’s boys could be used... if they can... WHOOOOOO!
  10. @broche I feel the value in a Bloodtoofs is the extra 2CP (for Waaagh!), 3 artefacts (because IJs need all the boost they can get), the +1 to run, +2 overall to charge, +2 bravery & +D6” movement to IJ batteline in hero phase. I’m not sure a weirdfist works as well. I feel it’s a lot of points for a boost to one hero and is without the aforementioned benefits of a Bloodtoof build Id like to know everyone’s experience running 2x MawKrushas. If there’s any value to that
  11. Hey guys I was hoping you would share your thoughts on a Double MawKrusha in Bloodtoofs build verses taking more bodies in Bloodtoofs - in the competitive scene
  12. Loving Syls in AoS2! I’ve realised by branching out (pun intended) and writing different battalion lists, I’m finding different ways to play Syls competitively. In the past I’ve stuck with the one build. Obviously there are better builds for the meta (DWood/Winterleaf) but it’s fun to find some great combinations So it’s unlikely I’ll look at other armies any time soon. There’s just so much to offer from this book!
  13. Hey y’all! Just looking a trying different lists that would be fun to play ( outside of my standard Dreadwood) again. Could be competitive also! hopefully they’re good Ive sort of wanted to focus on using Durthu and Dryads... lots of dryads. And not restrict myself to any do the Revs or big monsters Let me know what you think! Harvestboon list Winterleaf list Happy for critique!
  14. It does say it’s a terrain feature that cosists of up to 3 citadel woods Therefore inferred as a single terrain feature??
  15. @CanHammer-darren You’re referring to even when 2-3 citadel wood bases are placed at once?
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