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  1. There's no mention of allegiance abilities for Grand Alliances in the Contents page of either the Core Book or the Generals Handbook, am I wrong in assuming they're squatted and you can't play them anymore?
  2. I'm going to believe he's 480 because then I can use him in my list
  3. I don't see him costing more than 500 points, he's basically a Mega-Gargant with better save and half wounds, added magic-hate but no ranged and doesn't count as 20 models for objectives.
  4. That teaser, Beastmen or Fimir maybe?
  5. It does say Sons of Behemat Blowout there though, so I'm guessing that's the Tome Celestial
  6. I for one am going to go with the tried and true method of slapping on some Contrast paint and calling it a day.
  7. They'll only have gargants yes. Not all behemoths are Sons of Behemat, the gargants are literal descendants of Behemat while most behemoths are just big beasts.
  8. Mancrushers and Aleguzzlers seem to be different units. Aleguzzlers only cost 160 and Mancrushers cost 180.
  9. The revealed Mega-gargants all seem to me like they'll be heroes. After all what would the generic hero version be of gargants that were specifically named in the trailer, and that are already Archaon sized? And if these are heroes, would that mean Aleguzzlers are the only battleline option? That would be boring as ****** and also really restrict list building, which led me to this hot take: Sons will have no battleline requirements, or their heroes will somehow count as battleline. That way you'll truly have an army of very big bois.
  10. Heya! I've got a 1000pt tournament coming up, and this is the list I'm going to bring. The only thing I can't decide on is whether to give my FLoSH a Thermalrider Cloak or an Ethereal Amulet. Thermalrider does make my FLoSH a very fast boi, but Ethereal Amulet makes him not die ever which is kind of nice. I've used Ethereal once before against Stormcast and I tabled my opponent but did end up losing on points. What's the consensus on Thermalrider vs Ethereal? I'm not sure what the local meta is, but meeting at least SC and OBR is a safe bet. I can only really change around the traits/arte
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