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  1. I had a longer response but decided to curtail it, as I have no desire to be drawn in to a debate over which setting is superior, I joined here because ironically despite the main purpose of this forum being AoS it seemed to be the only place to have a reasonable discussion over the returning Old World , this place seems a haven from bitter ex players who cannot get over their hatred of everything GW or those dancing on the grave of WFB. I will say though the idea WFB was driving GW in to bankruptcy is laughable, WFB needed fixing not killing as it was never the models, setting or game style that failed, blame belongs firmly at the feet of the old management and rules design teams. I will take a break from posting for a while though, back to working on my classic Dwarf army, cheers people.
  2. You could be right, I just heavily doubt modern GW would make such a monumental mistep in their initial marketing, they know what they were suggesting, they know how it would have been seen and read by the community, I very much doubt a bait & switch is coming with them allowing years of of speculation only to give lovers of the old WFB another nasty kick while they are down. The name change is pure marketing in my opinion, rather then a suggestion of a completely unrelated game, the idea being to make it easier for someone new to understand the difference at a glance between their products , Warhammer Fantasy Battle is about as generic a name as possible, Warhammer The Old World is clearly a different setting to AoS. I am not saying they will not build a new version of the game from the ground up like they have with Necromunda, I hope they do, I just believe that it will still recognisably be what came before, same factions, same or similar sized models, same ranked combat style of game especially considering seven armies from WFB still have the majority of their models on sale now, sure they might only currently come with round bases, have a shiny new logo on the box but they are still classic WFB models that could be easily packaged & sold to lovers of the Old World with minimal effort by GW, I cannot believe they will pass on easy money. The End Times sadly did not have to happen, they had no need to do that, WFB could have easily been fixed if given the chance by more competant management, in the same way modern GW have brought fresh life in to 40k, LOTR & the various former specialist games, I am just glad they appear to be fixing that error now.
  3. It is not going to be a smaller scale, GW marketing is too slick now, they would not have made square base memes, WFB jokes and the like if there was even a sniff of this being a completely unrelated game to WFB other then being the same setting, None of the games that have made a return from GW in the last few years have come back completely different from what they were before, they might have new models that are slightly different scale, some new options but they are still the same games at their core just with a modern twist. They would be calling this Warmaster if this was going to be small scale game. I just wish the change of management in GW that understood the value of all their games and IP had happened before they killed off WFB.
  4. Exactly, why would GW deliberately deny themselves sales. Same with a lot of the Gloomspite models, are they really going to tell Old World players they don't want us buying a more developed Night Goblin army from them, I am doubtful considering GW exist to sell us as many models as possible.
  5. The new BB supported all former teams from the start of the re release and still does, as my club was in season five of our league when GW brought it back and the new stuff slotted in nicely rather then replaced anything. You may be right but considering how much GW loves to sell us models it would be a bit strange to say those many former WFB armies that we still sell for AoS, well we don't want you Old World players buying those thanks.
  6. I would be shocked if the two games had no interchangeable models, unless you mean purely because of the base they are on? As a chunk of AoS armies are still just WFB armies repackaged, I doubt GW would deliberately exclude from the Old World game Lizardmen, various Chaos, Ogres, Wood Elves & Skaven considering they still sell those models.
  7. Thanks for the extra information, I am still expecting it to be a lot more supported then the other various specialist games but we will see. The best thing this announcement has done is inspire me to play games in my favourite fantasy setting again using other companies rules until we see what GW brings back. It is not ranked combat but my group is currently loving Saga Age of Magic which is a brilliant ruleset designed to be used for any fantasy setting. I know I could have been doing that the last few years but with GW killing the setting off my groups enthusiasm died off too and we switched to other games, mostly historical based for those years. Just feels nice that GW has realised what they had in the Old World, plan to explore it again, whatever form it takes and I expect it to be a success, since new GW is not like the old GW management who chose to hamstring certain games in an effort to channel everyone towards purely the biggest seller rather the accepting not everyone wants the same thing.
  8. Hopefully a 360 view of the model will improve my opinion but yes right now the model looks too civilised(for an Ogre Hunter) in my opinion, not an improvement on an old sculpt like the new plastic Tyrant is.
  9. Despite being a massive Ogre fan, having collected them as an army twice back in the WFB days, that Hunter model is really meh, not terrible but a real let down to me personally. I will normally buy anything Ogre related but may have to pass on that model.
  10. It is insane what some people will pay for old models, still jealous of a mate who almost quadrupled what he paid for some Tomb Kings he purchased a few months before GW dropped them. Selling those off funded his wargaming for the last year.
  11. Very very very very very early preview of the new plastic Bretonnia Grail Knights for the returning Old World setting/game........................obviously it is not but would be really awesome if it was. 😁
  12. Unfortunately not, it is all the miniatures in one combined box, both Chaos & Dark Angels.
  13. It is on the 40k facebook page, goes up for sale tomorrow.
  14. Possibly completely unrelated but GW has shown they are willing to produce discontinued plastic kits with the announcement they are doing a made to order run of the old Dark Vengeance 40k starter set. I will take that as a small potential bit of good news for the return of the Old World game and some of the great kits lost since the death of WFB.
  15. FW models need to be included in army books so more players see them as options, seems crazy to me that for example scrolling through the Maggotkin book that units like Plague Toads are not in there, the models exist, they are a cool concept, stop leaving money on the table GW by giving players reasons not to purchase them.
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