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  1. The big issue I see is that this list feels like it's just trying to do too much - too many points spent on heroes, too many disparate units that don't synergize, not enough bodies to hold objectives, and just a general lack of focus. That's an understandable issue with all of the new rules we got, of course, but trying to fit everything into a list like this really isn't the way I'd recommend going about it. And even if the list does have some fun potential with all of the varied units, I feel like it'll be frustrating for both you and your opponent as you try to sift through the million rule
  2. Eh, I suppose. To my mind, if I'm going to take a battalion, I'd much rather take either the Auralan Legion or a Temple battalion if I'm going heavy Alarith or Hurakan. I feel like all of those include the units I'd want to take anyway, reduce your drops more, and have arguably better abilities. But granted, I'm not a competitive player, so maybe people out there will end up proving me wrong! I'd love to have a reason to take Bladelords besides looks.
  3. Yep, it's called the Bladelord Host - 1 Vanari or Scinari hero and 2-3 units of Bladelords. Costs 100 pts, allows units in the battalion to re-roll 1s to hit if they get charged. You probably haven't heard much about it because it seems like most folks aren't particularly impressed by it (nor am I), but if you're set on using multiple units of Bladelords there might be an argument for it.
  4. As someone who collects Cities, Stormcast and Lumineth, I've gotta admit I'm a bit bummed out by the rules for Settler's Gain - I was hoping for a way to blend a bunch of my favorite models together on the table, but the rules here feel so clunky I'm having a hard time even coming up with lists. Limiting all of the casting bonuses, artifacts and even spell lores to just Collegiate Arcane wizards feels so restrictive, particularly in comparison to Hallowheart. I know Teclis is a monster regardless, but I don't own his model and it makes pretty much all of the other Lumineth and Stormcast w
  5. A normal move is a move made during the movement phase. Charging is not a normal move. That said, he does do 1 mortal on a 3+ to a unit when he charges. Doing that math, it averages out to 3.33 mortal wounds (to a maximum spike of 7 on a single unit) in a turn. And by doing this, your 10 wound, 5+ save glass cannon is locked in combat in a location close enough to your enemy's troops that he'll most likely be charged on the following turn. It's a decent turn's worth of damage, yeah, but it's a high risk play, and not exactly game breaking. I feel like the most useful thing about the
  6. From the way the core rules explain it, the Loreseeker should still be able to take artifacts despite being Unique. Named characters can't take artifacts or traits, but being Unique (1 per army) and being a named character are not the same thing. It's just unusual because until now, the only Unique characters in the game were also named characters. This may need to be addressed in the FAQ though, just to make sure everyone's on the same page. I generally lean toward Wardens being better in 20s, as their ability to attack in 3 ranks due to their reach means bigger units don't suffer the
  7. I feel like 120 is a lot of points to pay to give your Cathallar a meat shield, considering many armies out there will already struggle to take her off the table when she's hiding behind a wall of Wardens, within Look Out Sir range, likely getting a 5+ FNP, and when you've got other priority targets for ranged attacks (Sentinels, Teclis if you run him, etc.). Against the strongest shooting armies, though, I agree they'll be helpful. I think the better use for the Bladelords, though, will be helping tank wounds for the Loreseeker - you can set him up on an enemy objective Turn 1, hope he s
  8. On a more positive note, most people who play AOS (at least in my area) are quite chill, and just want to play a friendly game and have a few laughs now and then. The very online folks who get worked up over this sort of stuff generally make up a small proportion of the overall community, and unsurprisingly don't actually get involved in their local scene (because other players and store owners don't want to deal with their bad attitudes). It's just a hobby. We're grown adults playing with toy soldiers, and first and foremost we should be having fun with our hobby. If there are folks out
  9. Welcome! I 100% recommend painting the Wardens and shields separately. It's hard enough getting the Wardens painted just with the spears attached, since they get in the way of the chest icon and breastplate. The shields would make it 10x worse!
  10. Really hard to make a judgment until we see all of the warscrolls and allegiance abilities confirmed, but my gut instinct tells me that Alumnia may actually turn out to be pretty good (if the "theories" are true) - being able to move units before the first battle round, giving units run & charge as a command ability, and getting a teleport would go a long way to solving our biggest issue: low mobility allowing enemies to trap you in your deployment zone and stack up on objectives. Syar may still be better, but I'd definitely consider this as a nice alternative.
  11. The garrison rules essentially say that the garrisoned model is treated as being part of the terrain feature, and the Sanctum spell also says that the model and the Sanctum are treated as being a single model. I don't think they'll stack - and even if they did, looking at the pictures, I don't think the Sanctum would fit around the base of the Shrine. I'm almost positive the "floating around the battlefield" line is just a figure of speech - no other terrain feature in the game can move like that, and if it were meant to move I feel certain it'd have an actual round base with set dimen
  12. A garrisoned unit counts as being in cover (so +1 save) and attacks against them are -1 to hit. So it'll definitely make the wizard in question harder to kill. I think the rules for the Shrine are quite cool, though in thinking it over I'm wondering how the free Command Ability it gives us would best be used. Since it has to be the Shrine Guardian using the CA, it means in most cases it can only be used on a unit wholly within a certain range of the Shrine (12", usually?). So I assume the most common use will be to park a unit of Sentinels next to the Shrine, then use the CA to let them r
  13. Thanks for saying it, man, because I'm in the exact same boat (started with Stormcast, picked up Lumineth as a second army last year). I just picked up armies based on how cool I think the models look, and now every time I check out an AOS community it's nothing but constant complaining about the factions I play. It's so tiresome. I already said my piece in the Rumor thread, and since the mods seem to have no interest in curbing the toxicity I think I'm chilling here for the foreseeable future. The real bummer is that all of the screeching from keyboard warriors (many of whom don't even p
  14. Oh fantastic, you've already seen the warscrolls and point costs in the new book? Can you please direct the rest of the thread to where you're getting this information, so we can all be as educated as you are? The constant whinging and toxicity over every Lumineth reveal in this thread is getting incredibly tiresome, especially from people who have no idea what they're talking about. I'll just leave it at that - please, go ahead and resume the hatejerking. It's a great way to spend your hobby time and excellent for fostering a good atmosphere in the community.
  15. For context, then, their "Flurry of Blows" attacks are exactly the same as Stormcast Decimators, except Decimators have rend -1 on the profile (so they're better). And Decimators are a garbage unit that's never taken in even semi-competitive lists. And the Perfect Strike is worse. Even auto-hitting with rend -2, a single attack at damage 1 per model (for a unit of 5, no less) is terrible. If they get mortal wounds on 6s, that'd certainly make the Flurry of Blows a better option - but since they designed the Perfect Strike to not have a hit roll, I'm wondering if they'll have some oth
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