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  1. I tried to defend Lumineth on another thread......OMG PEOPLE REALLY DON'T LIKE SENTINELS DO THEY!!??
  2. I don't get why people hate Lumineth so much....? Sure the rules could do with a little tweaking 'here and there'... But their beautiful figures with exquisite Lore and inspiring stories about them.. Surely a 'bad general blames the rulebook ' applies here and it's up to the opposing player to use all their cunning, ingenuity and luck to beat them.....? Remember 'The greater the odds the greater the glory' and if a General is truly worth his/her 'Salt' they will prevail...
  3. Yes I would 'Love' to see Anaerion return too!! Considering his 'thing' with Morathi, Malerion being his son and his connection with 'Khaine' it seems likely!
  4. I'm thinking a large order of Vanari with a side order of Beef ('Cow Aelves') those new fancy Swordy ones and maybe those 'Roo-Riding' ones plus Eltharion.......I'm grateful for any advice! 🙂
  5. Ok....I've 'finally ' been bitten by the Lumineth Bug........am excited about these models!!! Can anyone recommend the best sure fire way to start collecting a reasonable size fighting force......?? (Bear in mind I've been struggling throughout 'Lockdown ' 1-3 to paint 80 Dryads for a Sylvaneth Army....)
  6. Hi all, I'd just like to show some pictures of my Army (in progress).....Here are Dryads (still a long way to go)
  7. Is anyone still holding out hope (against hope) that there is more to reveal.......? I was still hoping for a dragon/Phoenix thingy ridden be Tyrion or something.......? I'm trying to be positive about this though: Eltharion is very cool and that whole Starter box is something I would invest in.... The Mountain Spirit is very cool and I can get used to the "Cow Elves' (given the right luck of paint). Even Teclis is ok and can grow on me with time...... I can't help but wish they'd revealed more of the other 'elementals'..... There's just a slight bitter aftertaste after all the hype, but it's better than no High Elves - right? I just need to swallow it and move on....
  8. Sounds intriguing! How are you going to make it less Roman and more Aelven.....?
  9. Yeah! Tyrion still owes 'Manfred' for getting his daughter slain by Arkhan when Nagash was resurrected...... 😔
  10. Just out of curiosity, as I'm quite new to AoS and know very little about 'Adepticon'..... When it 'has' been on, how big have GW's reveals been, historically speaking......? I'm just trying to get a gauge on how likely it is that Games Workshop could have something 'huge' still to reveal next Saturday ..... Or not....?
  11. Respectfully, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.....
  12. I get why many People are all shook up by this reveal...... I am too. These aren't High Elves anymore, their :Lumina Realm Lords'..... "" change isn't real change unless it hurts.... People care about this Faction, that's why they've gotten a bit riled up - it feels like such a departure from the High Elves of old..... Just to clarify, I love the 'Lore', so far, of the Mountain ⛰, the Shamanic stuff is close to my heart and also aligns nicely with my Sylvaneth.... I think I kinda like the big Mountain Bull (?) "Spirits too - I could see them marching with my Tree Lords quite nicely..... 😁 I'm not overly impressed with the Bull helmeted Elves, I think they look a bit silly.... I'm not overly impressed with the hammer wielding Elves, as some stated earlier 'It's unbecoming of Elves...' I wonder what the next Reveal will be; Zenith 'Dragon - Phoenixy-thing' would be fantastic! 😜
  13. I'm of a similar mind..... Although more aesthetically pleasing than I had hoped..... I'm still struggling with the hammer thing..... and 'those: helmets
  14. On another level..... I understand that Lumineth Realm Lords, in a previous incarnation were devoured by Slanesh and resided, ahem, down-under for a while.....? Since then, Teclis has re-formed, re-moulded, re-shaped these souls into forms mist pleasing to him akin to the High Elves of okd.... My point, or enquiry, if you will, is how much (if any,) do you feel this unholy legacy will affect the LRL's in both ordinary existence and in battle....? Even if its only residual, will they still be affected by the presence of Chaos, especially Slaneshi magic, will they still feel 'a pull' in the presence of a Slaneshi Greater Demon.....? Id love to know what you think and how this will affect their 'Lore'.....?
  15. I blame those "Plague Monks', damn I wanna fight them now!
  16. Yes, hopes for my "Dragon - inspired - knights ' are looking a bit forlorn now....
  17. I agree with you.... The Stone Mage is excellent. I particularly love the "Eltharion" Spirit also... Once I own these miniatures and paint them, I doubt whether the details will matter so much....
  18. Hang in there people... The best is yet to come... Sure, there is a clash between hype and reality but the Lore is brilliant and inspiring....sure, some of the details might suck a bit, but if the Lore inspires we can make something beautiful out of it....?
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