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  1. Well it just goes to show that the book got tons of tricks and some not really explored by a lot of people. I always cringe a bit when people talk about Ironjawz as if it is purely an alpha strike army and thats it.
  2. @Marcoangelo33I never really thought about using the CA like that - Drive by assassinating something 😅. Thats so cool! Often times I feel I could go in for the kill easily on my Maw Krusha, but leave myself open to a counterattack. This would allow me to do it then run to safety.
  3. Yeah since you are technically entitled to the bonus per the core rules for setting up terrain, and since there is no way of denying the bonus on the table, I would imagine quite a few TOs would be ok with just giving you the passive ability.
  4. @WaaaghMookie The core rules says when you pick a unit to fight, it first piles in and then attacks.
  5. @Marcoangelo33 I was actually thinking about the same thing the other day. Having a 100% secured teleport could in some situations act almost like a “i win” button you can push at any given moment your opponent let his guards down. What was your list like? Mk, 2x warchanter, weirdnob, 6 pigs and then rest Ardboyz with an Ironfist? How do you deal with stuff like Fyreslayers or even Plaguemonks?
  6. The core FAQ sounds more like it is trying to explain a situation where multiple sources of an aura are affecting the same unit. There are multiple heroes that broadcast an aura of +1 to hit, casting or whatever. If the rule says "any" they explain that it means one or more models, so the same broadcasted auras aren't stacking. I don't think it is intended to be used in every situation where you find the word "any".
  7. @Rentar I think that is about as good as it gets. Get 2 Warchanters and an additional CP and you'll be at 1990. Sunblessed on 1 footdude, Ethereal on the Maw and Metalripper on the other foot guy. You'll start with 5 CPs and a 4+ to get a 6th. 4 drops. I still think you'll be better off just going for a normal lronfist and simply get more bodies. With the above list you've tied almost 50% of your army into 3 heroes (2 of which are kinda ******) and the batallion. The Footbosses kinda scream for the Warchanter buff to be semi useful, but at the same time you really want it on Brutes since it almost doubles their damage output. The Maw Krusha has 2 attack profiles with almost 20 attacks combined, so Warchanter buff is again significant here.
  8. I liked the idea of mass Ardboyz immune to battleshock in Big Waagh, but unfortunately it is specifcally for Ironsunz. But then the question arises - Isn't Ardfist just simply better than having battleshock immune Ardboyz anyways? I'd say yes. So the 2 batallions are pretty much only for players wanting to field an almost entire Brutes army. I keep wanting to try and make Da Bossfist work, but it is just no good. Even for double MK lists you'll be hardpressed to get much more than 1 Warchanter. To noones surprise, adding +1 attack is just nowhere near as good as adding +1 damage. For both double MK and mass Brute armies you're likely much better off running a standard Ironfist list. You wont fit it all into a 1 drop anyways.
  9. It is identical - See below. People can talk all they want about ambiguity of rules, RAI vs RAW etc., but sometimes people read way too much into words or sentences and completely forget context.
  10. @Overread Pointed it out a while ago that it was out of stock. Nobody really knows - It just seems weird to already start phasing endless spells out. I recently just bought one before it went out of stock, and would be annoyed if they suddenly made it illegal for matched play.
  11. I meant that you can always Waagh even with just himself being within range. As others have explained, it is "up to 11", so if he's alone and you roll a 1, you still get +1 attack. You can't fail getting +1 attack, only if you get 12 in which case it is +2. I always use the Waagh. I'd rather use it one turn too early than one turn too late. It it a really big damage increase on pigs or even a unit of 10 Ardboyz.
  12. I never really thought about it because it seemed so obvious to me what the intention was: Get closer to whatever is hitting you. This means Ironjawz units (or Big Waagh) can move out of combat at the end of the combat phase, assuming a unit hit them.
  13. Not sure I understood you correctly, but you can always Waagh, even if your general is on his own. You will just “only” get +1 attack.
  14. I came up with Maw Krusha, 2x Footboss, 2x Warchanter, Fungoid, 2x10 Brutes and 5 Brutes. My issue is that you are slow as shite, no screen and one of the Footbosses is gonna be meh. If the batallion gave you an extra artefact so each Megaboss (3) could have been beefed up, it would feel better. Like one with SoJ and one with Metalripper or something. I know you should never expect much from White Dwarf, but I was really hoping to finally play something else than Ironfist. The tax for this otherwise great batallion is just ughhh.
  15. I feel like it would have been great if it was 1 MK + 1 Footboss + Significantly lower cost or just 2 Footbosses. As it is you are using alot of points for the batallion and 3 heroes. +1 attack is certainly no joke though.
  16. I mean Da Bossfist could be interesting. I just feel like 1 Maw Krusha and 2 footbosses is quite the tax. Getting +1 attack on all the Brutes is certainly gonna beef them up, especially with Warchanter buff ontop.
  17. Someone posted on the Facebook page. I was hoping for something a bit more playable.
  18. Yeah I completely forgot about that. I'm surprised they don't tease just a little bit - Just some info in regards to the new lore etc. Just something!
  19. They are currently working on a design, but on the website it says "sold out". https://thehonestwargamer.bigcartel.com/product/aos-12-clear-objective-marker
  20. Wonder if the China situation has an effect on the release. The pyramid is surely made there, so wonder if a release would be postponed due to a production delay?
  21. I guess the rule could be read that way, so as long as just one unit (any) is outside of 9”, it could move. Would cause some silly situations where units could move out of combat. It seems clear the intention (yaya RAI vs RAW) was to prevent being able to move within 3” and get to pile in to combat.
  22. Whaaaat...? You telling me we might play something else than Ironfist soon? From what I recall, he took some giant’s earwax and stuffed it inside his own ears to subdue a giant Mawkrusha. I wonder what kind of batallions they will come up with. Theres already a batallion for every unit, maybe one for heroes? At least one that includes a Maw Krusha? Im excited though, but it is really a hit or miss usually with White Dwarf. Most stuff has been kinda ****** and purely for fluff, on the other hand they also made Syll’eske which made Slaanesh disgusting.
  23. I much prefer Warscroll Builder - It is super easy to use and looks clean. I always use it on the PC because I print it out for my opponent. The Azyr app list looks like hot garbage tbh. I honestly hate when people screenshot their list and paste it onto facebook, whatsapp etc. @Inquisitorsz I have honestly never experienced that the Warscroll builder showed wrong pts., only on a new release where it takes a couple of days before it is up to date.
  24. So with Mighty Destroyers a unit "must make a normal move if it is more than 12" from any enemy units". According to the core rules, when you make a "normal move" with a unit, you can declare it is running. I guess it means you can use Mighty Destroyers on stuff in the hero phase and make them run towards an objective or whatever? I realize you can't charge later on, but for a slower playstyle I often find myself using MD on Ardboyz in turn 1 to scoot them up the table. Adding an additional D6" move could be quite useful.
  25. @Gwendar But you didn't like the monks? What else would you take instead of them? Is a second bell worthless? I just love the idea of having 2 bells run about.
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