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  1. Looks like arks will only be able to take 1 hook, pike and volley gun per 10 as per the box like the stormfiends and thunderers.
  2. On Facebook GW confirmed it was not Stormcast related.
  3. I think it will be chaos focussed by the artwork and logo. I don’t think they can do a “killteam” yet as the 40K version has all the races set in stone. AOS has not settled down yet with a confirmed amount of races. Once they are in place I can see a version of killteam coming. I guess they could update and add to the product if they really wanted to.
  4. How is everybody making multiple skyhooks as only one comes per box. I am seeing lists with 12 +
  5. Would love to see Free Guild, Duardin and Aelves brought into the fluff more and supporting releases. Also the reboxing of the rest of the square base boxes. Just shed loads more fluff to help mould the world even more.
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