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  1. Isn’t that a road map for every game system except AoS now?
  2. I’m right there with you, my enthusiasm is at an all time low. Book delayed; models currently 7-8 weeks behind the book; long FAQ time making event legality uncertain; all melee mobility options stripped out except for Imperatant when annihilators that aren’t available, a run and charge CA that doesn’t work with run 6” CA, and translocation; the likelihood that translocation will be nerfed; the likelihood the Stormdrakes will get nerfed; and now the possibility that it will in fact be a triple nerf. And all of this stretched out over a 3-6 month period with no communication about what the future holds. I’m constantly rewriting lists not because I’m excited to try new things, but because the ground keeps getting pulled out from under my feet.
  3. There’s an unverified and unsourced rumour going around that Stormdrakes will get a points hike in winter faq, a warscroll rewrite and celestial menagerie will change. Also multiple people claiming sources tell them translocate will be nerfed.
  4. And now Translocation is our thing, it’s what we do. Not really seeing your point
  5. Here I have preemptively made a list: Nagash hurting himself with an endless spell, using Protection of Himself to teleport 9” away, then moving 9” Wind Spirits that move 24” then 12” in both players shooting phase KO boats that can use a pregame move to fly high before the game starts Hand of Gork Mawkrushas 12” away then use mighty destroyers to move kruleboyz teleporting monsters 9” away before the game starts Living Cities coming on from the table edge 9” away, shooting, then moving
  6. 6 Longstrikes doesn’t make a shooting list imo. You can definitely lean heavy into shooting with then, but they slot nicely into any kind of list as a support piece.
  7. I’d suggest that the problem with big blocks of redeemers is that it’s just a lesser version of gargants. Not only do redeemer units actually degrade, but they don’t score bonus VPs for being a monster, and they don’t kill very well. The rage at the moment seems to be highly aggressive lists with min battleline for holding objectives, where you invest all your points in the Killy stuff. In that paradigm Stormkeeps are kind of wasted on the 5 man units; whereas Scions can be used to help keep your good stuff off the board. This means that it can’t be killed by another alpha and can also be dropped in where it’s needed as a pseudo counter-deploy. Especially advantageous for Vanguard Raptors so you can get them into range of something that might otherwise hide >36” away. From what I can tell, that also means you aren’t invested in needing to go first, so aren’t at as much risk of a double or exposed to an enemy castle, etc.
  8. Not sure why everyone feels the need to point this out all the time. That was ****** for marine players and it’s ****** for us too.
  9. Earliest SCE preorder date will now be 6 full weeks since the battletome preorder. 10 weeks since the Dominion release date, when many of these models were previewed. Not a word from GW.
  10. Increasingly common for most 2 day events in the UK too
  11. No FAQ today, go out this weekend and lay low the tyrants with unnerfed Translocation.
  12. Going out on a limb but I’m pretty sure there’s established fluff that the old Nehekara empire reached the border princes (before there were border princes) and built barrows. I think there was also rules for this at one point.
  13. I’d say no. The Voidstorm scroll is instead of rolling, so once you’ve decided to make the roll you are already past the point of being able to use it.
  14. Honestly Vigilors are a great support unit that are simply 10-50 points too expensive. Even then I’ve written them into most lists. I really want to pair them along side 6 Longstrikes.
  15. Of course, don’t you know that there’s a world wide battle report shortage? All the battle reports are stuck on a boat from China
  16. The realm of Planet of the Apes. It’s the most ambitious crossover yet! (check left hand side)
  17. I wouldn’t do this with a one cast general who has no casting bonuses. Any super caster will shut it down effortlessly. In addition, none of the SCE spells are (imo) damaging enough to make this worthwhile either. Honestly comet is superior in that regard. Its maybe worthwhile on Thundershock and Starfall.
  18. Scenes when GW release another side game before the SCE kits.
  19. I think you could pretty easily run one of them in almost any list, and 3 of them start to look scary.
  20. That would be fine if we were starting from 0 with no legacy stuff to deal with, but the reality is that there are existing strong books that GW have failed to reign in; that these books will exist unchanged until at least Xmas; and GW has a demonstrable track record of being unable to control themselves when it comes to mid-cycle power creep. Asking for a middling book early is asking to be weak for the entire edition.
  21. This is beyond a farce now. Earliest release date is October 23rd. That will be 6 weeks from the book preorder date. Bear in mind that was delayed by 2 weeks (should have been last week of August), we’re talking an 8 week delay. And nothing on the communication front.
  22. Except we don’t play events in this theoretical state where the top lists are reigned in. We have to play in events where Sons, Archaon, Sentinels, Seraphon are rolling over everything right now, and GW have shown no interest in doing anything about it. Nerfing stormdrakes and Translocaiton won’t bring SCE into line with some hypothetical middle pack; it will gut the army competitively, leaving it reliant on a) Scions Annihilators (killed by at least 3 battleplans let alone competent screening), or b) Redeemer wall. That’s the opposite of what you’re trying to acheive
  23. Take out Translocation and Stormdrakes, and we’re back to a Scions bomb but with Annihilators instead of Gavriel; and like the last 3 years it is entirely at the mercy of TO whim.
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