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  1. I’ve got 6 hours of SCE reviews queued up already and I’m ready for more 🤲
  2. Good analysis, worth noting that Stormdrakes themselves count as 5 models each for scoring. But yeah I try to keep 5-10 Vindictors in my lists for this reason.
  3. Put them in units of 4. Problem solved. Current mood: Army Name: Dragons Army Faction: Stormcast Eternals Army Type: Stormkeep Subfaction: Hammers of Sigmar Battlepack: Pitched Battles Points Limit: 2000 pts Core Battalions Battle Regiment Knight-Draconis (General) Battalion Slot Filled: Commander Battlefield Role: Leader Points Cost: 255 pts Stormdrake Guard Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Battlefield Role: Other Reinforced: Once Points Cost: 570 pts Stormdrake Guard Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Battlefield Role: Other Reinforced: Once Points Cost: 570 pts Lord-Relictor Battalion Slot Filled: Commander Battlefield Role: Leader Points Cost: 145 pts Knight-Incantor Battalion Slot Filled: Commander Battlefield Role: Leader Points Cost: 125 pts Vindictors Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Battlefield Role: Battleline Points Cost: 130 pts Total Points: 1795 pts 205 points spare. Leaning vigilors to get that +1 to hit. Maybe a solo dragon.
  4. Just following on from this point, it’s worth noting that 1x4 and, for example, 2x2 is vulnerable to being Belakor’d or Kairos’d. 2x4 however isn’t as vulnerable as the above can only stop one (unless your opponent has both models 🤮). Which isn’t to say that you want 2x4 but as PJ pointed out you want a 1x4 and something else so your eggs aren’t in one basket. The counter to this is that it will be much easier to get 2 stormdrakes into a gap than 4 of them. Scoring wise a unit of 10 vindictors in Stormkeeps should be sufficient. There’s not many battleplans with a back field objective anymore, let alone more than 1. Power in Numbers comes to mind as the major obvious one that punishes a list going heavy on alpha.
  5. It’s also deployed on the table so open to buffs from Castellant, Celestial Blades, mystic shield, and Blessed Weapons.
  6. Imperatant/Annihilator Hammer bomb with Shield Annihilator spam in KE looks very attractive, usual caveats about Scions nonwithstanding. I’m committed to a monster mash army this edition, but if I wasn’t I’d be looking at this. Charging Fulminators are also monstrous, there’s definitely an “alternate dragon” list here running them as battleline with Dracoths or Stardrakes. Gardus HK Redeemer spam in Cities also seems promising in objective scoring. In and of itself if doesn’t have damage though (notably the mega checklist) so needs rounding out. Pack of Dracolines might go well in here actually.
  7. It’s genuinely hilarious how they can’t bring themselves to give a straight answer to anything. See also: how much is it? Answer: the app is currently free but some of it won’t be free in the future but we won’t tell you what or how much except it’s part of a subscription service that we’re also trying to sell you but won’t tell you how much that is, even though that information is already out there. Well I’m enlightened.
  8. Now I’m not so blinded by dragons it has sunk in that there’s only one way for melee units to interact with Scions of the Storm and that’s limited to one unit per turn, Thunderstrike only, with an Imperatant. Once at a time is par for the course with this book, but I guess unlike with Gavriel you can keep doing this while you have stuff in Scions, whereas Sureheart was a one and done. The Thunderstrike restriction is frustrating however, and it feels bad that there’s still only one way to buff a unit charge out of Scions. Just as before it was do it with Gav and Evocators or don’t bother, now it’s do it with Annihilators and an Imperatant or don’t bother. At least now we have an alternative in Stormkeeps, but why isn’t there more choice to interact with what is an allegiance ability? This was my exact same complaint with the 2nd Ed book and they’ve just repeated it with different units.
  9. It’s max one VP per player turn however, and 9W on a 3+ is not trivial to get through- especially if you go first and nuke their main damage unit on the off.
  10. I’m not sure we can say better. Lots of abilities removed, some new ones added, and in both cases some of questionable value (lol Exorcist). Some points up, some down. Feels like sidegrades in a few places. Dracolines are arguably the biggest beneficiary and they compete with Dragons. The wizards all lost something, but came down in points, and some of them do their thing a bit better. I think I prefer a cheaper LAoGC that teleports without vials and prime electrids (rip username)? I’m not sure. Think i prefer a more expensive Tauralon that has 2 casts though. Like I said hard to evaluate.
  11. I don’t think you get any real benefit from Azyrite Halo without reroll saves. It’s also melee only now so meh. Swap Celestial Blades to the Incantor and give the Tauralon the 5++ IMO.
  12. Hit me up with your best flying stand alternatives for Stormdrakes. Magnetised, resin, scenery bits, whatever you got let’s see it.
  13. STD white dwarf update is out. GW still holding themselves back on faction battalions, battle tactics and GSG which is good. Warcry units can take marks and be battleline No changes to marks or archaon 🤷‍♂️
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