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  1. The Lumineth battletome was with the printers way before COVID. GW made this decision well before Covid, they clearly wants to break this up into multiple releases. Bearing in mind we haven’t seen Tyrion, the other 5 great nations, and have only one Temple unit so far (Alarith Guard) there’s at least one more wave to go even after this one.
  2. I’ll say this about Hedonites: I don’t think that I’ve seen GW consistently hit every single problematic part of a book without nerfing the entire thing out of orbit. Locus. Depravity generation. Chain summoning. Keeper CA. Epitome. Points balanced against summoning. There’s an almost laser-like focus here that has taken the edge off everything that was a source of negativity in the last book. Perhaps it’s the cynic in me but I would normally expect one or two things on the naughty list to be toned down and everything else left in place. To see it done this way is refreshing as it means someone has put some real thought and effort into tackling interrelated problems while keeping those rules/units playable. This is a good thing! It shows that GW can do better, even if it does take them a couple of tries. Whoever is responsible for this needs a pat on the back and passed the Seraphon and Tzeentch BTs. Caveat that I fully recognise the book probably isn’t as strong as it was before but that is healthier for the game, as the reason it was strong was a poor experience for most people. (Assuming this sentiment isn’t completely undermined by some busted combo with the new stuff that hasn’t been identified yet).
  3. There’s no misunderstanding. You quite clearly state you hoped that the Mountain Spirit was a one off, when all the LrL background tells you otherwise 🤷‍♂️
  4. The relationship with Hysh spirits is quite clearly stated throughout the LRL background
  5. Of course it was mapped out. Production and development cycles don’t spring into life overnight. GW knew this at least 2 years ago when they finalised the (then) Spring 2020 LRL release. The release was also pretty explicit that there was more to come. It was announced up front that Teclis was leading the vanguard while Tyrion hadn’t taken to the field. The LRL background talked about other Temples (and Nations) that didn’t have rules or models. Then there are plenty of rules that favour models that didn’t exist (specifically combat heroes). The only surprise here is the timeframe (RIP SCE chambers teased three (four?) years ago)
  6. Q: Can Cities of Sigmar units in a Stormkeep army benefit from subfaction command abilities such as ‘Heroes of Another Age’ from the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormhost? A: No. lmao SCE can’t have nice things
  7. They delayed the winter update by more than a month to tell us we get nothing on a flimsy pretext that doesn’t hold up to any scrutiny? That’s a bold move Cotton. Edit: The advantage is that we can’t play for another 6 months anyway so it’s not like it matters.
  8. It’s still linked on WarCom twitter https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/01/25/meet-the-first-hero-to-enter-warhammer-quest-cursed-city/
  9. The scales look faintly Cold One like similar to Knights or Corsair cloaks. Could just be generic monster scales. The downwards arrow on the dagger also looks faintly reminiscent of Dark aelf weaponry. Pretty sure this is a mutated chaos warrior but that’s just enough straw clutching for malerion hype.
  10. Hmm... there’s something here with the Stormkeep patrol teleport and Celestial Warbringers Fearless Foresight, I think. Due to sequencing you can teleport forwards, then if enemy takes the first turn, Foresight away to safety. This gets around the downside with Astral Templars Dauntless Hunters which often left your units exposed. Given the battalion uses Redeemer there may be value to 20 Sequitors again used this way. Not sure how the rest of the list would look as Ballista lose a lot without Scions. Perhaps there are some good shooting units in CoS?
  11. I really don’t know if it’s going to be worth giving up Scions for some of this, especially as the battalions involve extra cost. Pay for the batallion to get +1 to hit on Raptors, and have to take Paladins, or... just use those points to take more Raptors. Any neat uses of CoS units to shore up the usual weaknesses? (Battleline & numbers).
  12. Aha. So as it’s a Stormcast army you can select a command trait from SCE allegiance, and as the general is not an ally they are eligible, even if they don’t have the Stormcast keyword. Interesting, though thematically disappointing.
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