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  1. From the digital edition of the Battletome:
  2. In a 1000 point game you can only have 2 Artillery pieces, and the sequitors can only be battleline with a Lord Arcanum as General. Unless I’m missing something?
  3. Hey guys, I’m curious what you all think is the strongest 1000 point army Stormcast can put together? I know that balance can be a bit whack at that points level but it seems to be the most common game at my local. I’m leaning towards this but I think it really lacks the shooting power that is needed to deal with killing hero units and helping to clear hordes, as well as effective supporting heroes... Lord Arcanum on Gryphcharger (General) - 240pts 10 Sequitors - 240pts 5 Sequitors - 120pts 10 Evocators - 400pts I have other hero’s I could put in (Gav, Heraldor, Ordinator, Relictor, Incantor and Lord Celestant on Dracoth), and could swap in two groups of 5 Libs for battleline. I Also have 6 Longstrikes or 3 Balistae I could swap in for 5 of the Evos. From the games I’ve played 5 Evos Struggle with survivabikity which is why I lean towards 10, I’d also consider dropping the group of 10 Sequitors to 5 and adding a Castellant, but I don’t own that model atm
  4. How do the vanguard units perform these days? I like the idea of having Vanguard Hunters as battle line, the shooting/melee combo seems like it could be fun, potentially kite around the board a little, and obviously the hurricanes and long strikes are useful for a shooting list with some Ballista. Not a hhuge fan of the Palladors though, and would probably look to throw in a couple Incantors for the magic and some Evocators because Evocators.
  5. What do you think would be a good alternative to the Ordinator in this case? I could include additional Liberators or a second Knight-Incantor or add A unit of Castigators and start with an extra CP for the charge.
  6. Hey all, I’m hoping to get some feedback on my Stormcast list. Im new to the game and have built around the Soul Wars box and tried to expand it with the right hero units to support what I have. My list is attached. To give a brief overview of My thought process: 1. The obvious Aplha Strike option using 10 Evocators and Gav. Flexible as a deployed unit if I instead decide to Deep Strike the Balistae. 2. Plenty of Wounds and potential damage in the battle lines. The Sequitor units will be able to hold objectives and hold off enemy units for a bit of board control as well. 3. Small unit of liberators to help with board control/holding back field objectives and denying enemy Deep Strike. 4. Relictor included for translocation prayer for quick reinforcements if needed and to help with the Stormcasts poor movement. 5. Heralder included for the run and charge buff to help mostly the sequitors if they need to intercept or get somewhere a little faster. Also the Terrain horn is fun as hell. 6. Included the Balistae as my shooting option with a plan to either deploy in my backfield to shots into enemy battle line or to hold in reserve and deep strike against priority targets. 7. Ordinator to buff the Balistae... this is the choice I am least confident with and would love to hear some thoughts! Is he worth bringing along or would I be better off investing points elsewhere? As as a separate question... what are the best uses for Castigators? I have so many of the damn things ! Thanks in advance! Stormcast.pdf
  7. Thanks for the reply, do you mind expanding on the logic behind the 10 man sequitor squad? Are there bonuses with squad size or is it just a bigger stick kinda deal? These are about all the models I own so in terms of filling that 160pts I’d either be going shopping or looking for a battalion. If I were looking for another model/unit what would you suggest? I could pick up a second Knight incantor for some more hero phase shenanigans or another HQ for buffs maybe a Gav?
  8. Hey guys, I’m looking for some opinions on a Stormcast army I'm building. This is my first army, basing it from the Soul Wars set and the Thunderstrike Brotherhood box: Leaders: Lord-Arcanum on Gryph Charger (240pts) Lord-Celestant on Dracoth (220pts) Lord-Ordinator (140) Lord-Relictor (100pts) Knight-Incantor (140pts) Battlelines: Sequitors x 5 (120pts) Sequitors x 5 (120pts) Liberators x 10 (200pts) Artillery: Celestar Ballista (100pts) Other Units: Castigators x 3 (80pts) Castigators x 3 (80pts) Evocators x 5 (200pts) Retributors x 5 (220pts) Prosecutors x 3 (100pts) TOTAL: 2060pts So I'm 60 pts over and can't decide if I should drop one unit of Castigators, the Prosecutors or the Lord-Relictors. Also as I said this is my first army so I’d also appreciate any tips on choosing a stormhost, and assigning relics etc. as well as any tips on using units such as the prosecutors? Thanks in advance.
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