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  1. Any source for this? Sharks need more than that to be competitive but it’s better than nothing.
  2. Idoneth Deepkin A deadly unit in matched play, Morrsarr Guard have seen a small increase in points, now costing 170 for a unit of 3. On the other hand, Idoneth Deepkin players can look forward to some reductions across their army, with the Akhelian Leviadon and both Namarti Thralls and Namarti Reavershaving seen cuts. These changes seem pretty reasonable, a 10 point increase for Morrsarr should only really hurt those lists that bring nothing but eels... A Tidecaster list with 3 x 10 Namarti battle line units and a unit of 9 Morrsarr will be the same net cost as it is now. Still hoping for a decrease to Allopexes though.
  3. Probably referring to the new rules for Meeting engagements (1k point battles), and probably the narrative/open play rules and any battleplans that are included.
  4. This is exactly how I am getting started with Deepkin. The Start Collecting and Battleforce box give a good selection of units, and include all but some heroes and the big Turtle. I think it’s a good way to get your feet wet and see which units you enjoy playing with. Plus on the hobby side it gives you a good variety to build and paint. Id recommend picking up Volturnos and a Soulscryer after these as they are good hero options. But you’ll have more than enough to keep you busy for a while with the two boxes.
  5. Hi All! So I’m a recent convert to Idoneth, I jumped into the army by grabbing the Battleforce and Start Collecting sets. My goal is to build up and paint to 2k and use this as my competitive army for next year, hoping to go to CanCon at the start of 2020. This is my first foray into competitive AoS and I’m pretty excited for it. I’ve attached what I have so far, my goal is to try to keep it to 12-15 eels, 9 Morsarr and 3-6 Ishlaen, so these are on my shopping list, as well as a Volturnos and maybe an Eidolon of the Storm but I’m 50/50 on the Eidolon. I’ll likely swap out the Soulrender for a Soulscryer as well. All of this could change with the GHB but that’s where I’m at right now. Basically I’d like to get some opinions on some interesting synergies I should start off with while I learn the army. Which enclaves/hero’s/units work well together and which units I should be looking at to build out my army? Idoneth.pdf
  6. That’s a good question. I know that models lost to battleshock count as being slain and so rules that are worded regarding slain models are triggered. Id say the intent of the rule would be to only trigger when a units attacks destroy an enemy unit, but the wording is ambiguous. Someone with more experience may be able to clarify.
  7. New rumour engine! Surely seraphon?
  8. Target the Hag Queens with your shooting as soon as you can then try to engage the Witch Aelves in combat before turn 3 (I think that’s when they get their re-roll everything bonuses in place). Witchbrew potion from the hags is crazy on the witch Aelves so best to hold off combat until you can remove those buffing units, but you want to clear as many as you can before their turn 3 bonuses kick in cause they are very stabby... watch out for the snake ladies too as they can dish out a tonne of mortal wounds, and try to screen your range units (Balistae and incantors) as deep striking flying units (forget their name) can tie them in combat which stops them being able to shoot other targets. I could be wrong but but I think the Anvils CA only targets one unit to shoot in the hero phase (which is why people use it on large units of Longstrikes), so only one Balistae would benefit from it. Not sure it’s worth at that point. But you could also use it to get an extra phase of combat from your evocators which would help clear out those witch Aelves. Others can probably give you some more details but I’ve played most of my games with Stormcast against DOK while I’ve been learning the game and from my experience those are the big threats. Hags and their witchbrew, stabby witch Aelves, mortal wound snake ladies, deep striking fliers and their turn 3 bonuses...
  9. Requizen outlines it on the previous page “Depends on the setup. If the Terrorgheist is next to another unit, say some Horrors, you can charge the Horrors and only tag them with 1 Evocators, and then string the rest of the Evos in a line 3.1" away from the Terrorgheist. Now the TG is not eligible to pile in and attack (so skips the "start of combat phase" modifier for Gristleugore), and you pile in and attack with the Evos. Even though you aren't within 3" of the TG, he's still the closest model, so you pile in towards him and attack. Then you hit him with the MW jazz hands. Alternatively, if you want to play a bit more risky, you can charge one unit and string just one Evocator to be 3.1" away from the TG, and then only pile in .2" and hit him with the jazz hands only while attacking the other unit, though this has the downside of potentially whiffing on the MW roll. “ Apologies if there is a better way to quote him but couldn’t figure it out on my phone.
  10. From the digital edition of the Battletome:
  11. In a 1000 point game you can only have 2 Artillery pieces, and the sequitors can only be battleline with a Lord Arcanum as General. Unless I’m missing something?
  12. Hey guys, I’m curious what you all think is the strongest 1000 point army Stormcast can put together? I know that balance can be a bit whack at that points level but it seems to be the most common game at my local. I’m leaning towards this but I think it really lacks the shooting power that is needed to deal with killing hero units and helping to clear hordes, as well as effective supporting heroes... Lord Arcanum on Gryphcharger (General) - 240pts 10 Sequitors - 240pts 5 Sequitors - 120pts 10 Evocators - 400pts I have other hero’s I could put in (Gav, Heraldor, Ordinator, Relictor, Incantor and Lord Celestant on Dracoth), and could swap in two groups of 5 Libs for battleline. I Also have 6 Longstrikes or 3 Balistae I could swap in for 5 of the Evos. From the games I’ve played 5 Evos Struggle with survivabikity which is why I lean towards 10, I’d also consider dropping the group of 10 Sequitors to 5 and adding a Castellant, but I don’t own that model atm
  13. How do the vanguard units perform these days? I like the idea of having Vanguard Hunters as battle line, the shooting/melee combo seems like it could be fun, potentially kite around the board a little, and obviously the hurricanes and long strikes are useful for a shooting list with some Ballista. Not a hhuge fan of the Palladors though, and would probably look to throw in a couple Incantors for the magic and some Evocators because Evocators.
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