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  1. I played 4 times vs Archaon lists. 2 times I killed him on turn 1(slaanesh and khorne) before he was buffed, 2 times on turn 1 after he was buffed(slaanesh and tzeench). But I must admit that last time I have played against him I was VERY lucky and my opponent throw a bunch of bad dice.
  2. And not every Lumineth take Teclis in their one drop lists.
  3. If this model is wholly within 6" of a friendly SKYVESSEL immediately before the SKYVESSEL uses its FlyHigh ability ,you can say that this model will hitch a lift instead of making a normal move. If you can't do normal move - you can't hitch. This basically destroys skyriggers and wardens. Can't see why KO should take them anymore vs Thunderers/Arco.
  4. Yes, but we never saw how it looks like) I will be more then happy to see Kharadron version of nurgling in plastic)
  5. Yea from RPG. Cogmonculus is the most interesting here) Plus having grenades would be cool too.
  6. Am I mad or this aqshi symbol that is descending on chamon could mean something?
  7. 1) player base is smaller than in 40k 2) much better choice of unique factions than in 40k 3) SCE are not as popular in AoS as Space marines in 40k 4) Core rules are free If you combine this you will get lower sales.
  8. Actual thing I want to address that if I understand that correct Grungni pretty happy with KO as they are and want only one thing - unite duardins under Duardin legacy, not his. Grungni wants Duardins to become stronger than the gods that they had to worship but at the same time united as a race. .
  9. I believe that all Duardin souls are under Grungni watchful eye and well protected that even Nagash can't reach them. More so it looks like after his creation Grombrindal works as a guide for the spirits of duardins who can't find their way to rest. Why? Only time will tell. But one thing I can tell for sure: duardins afterlife, ancestry and reunification are the main themes for all 6 short stories.
  10. To be honest, I see the unification of Duardin factions only as Empire where each faction have its own cities, I can't imagine Rune father, Grand Admiral and Warden king rule the same place together. They all too different not only culturally but generally speaking they live in different ecosystems. Something like a pact that will create a big Duardin Empire that will consist of some fyrslayers lodges, Kharadron Baraks and Dispossessed Karaks will be more than enough. Plus I will be happy to see a faction of Gholemkins(GK) as big constructs with dwarven souls inside (like troggoths for GSG) and something tells me that we can get something like this. (KO+FS+GK)
  11. The coolest thing that Grombrindal IS a Grungni. As far as I understand Grungni was a white-bearded wanderer for all centuries and he slowly forges Grombrindal from his memories after each time he returns from his journey. Grungni even says that he (Gromrindal) remembers more than him (Grungni). So Grungni purposefully forged the legend about white-bearded Duardin who helping all of his keens and use it as a unification factor for all duardins. The living legend that leads all duardins to reclaim what was once theirs!
  12. In the last WD Grungni actually understand this and have a plan. (This plan was revealed on the last page)
  13. New Harbi? Endless spells? Small flying skirmishers?
  14. May be for 3 ed dualboxes we will see 2 small waves for 2 factions (1 hero + 2 units) instead of 1 big wave for 1 faction? Hmmm...
  15. As KO collector I will be more than happy to know that too because I'm already ready to spend 1500$ on Fyreslayers for combined duardin tome)
  16. Did anyone notice if we will get bonus artefact for battalion? Just curious.
  17. I think we already get ward saves (invulnerable saves from 40k) from bless?
  18. I feel like reactions could be the most influential thing for us if we will consider that aether gold will not change(we will be able to use it in enemy turn to boost the effects of reactions) So right now the main question is how triumphs will change?
  19. It's so funny how GW is showing new cool 3ed rules for monsters, magic and priests... and KO have neither of them
  20. The more I think about combined battletome the more I feel that at some point GW will need to release 2 books. 1 for lore and 1 for rules and profiles...
  21. I feel that Magmadroth will be monsters for KO...
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