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  1. WinterLeaf: My Heart is Ice. "Roll a dice each time a wound inflicted by a melee weapon is allocated to this general and not negated. On a 5+ the attacking unit suffers 1 mortal wound." If a single weapon does, say, 3 damage in a single hit, I would roll 3 dice, right? (with each die potentially dealing a mortal wound). I don't just roll one dice because it's a single hit. That's how I read it, but I'm not sure if it's 100% clear.
  2. £18 for the old model, which was made when? 2005 or something like that? Earlier? It's probably had zero price increases since then. Whilst £30 seems a lot for the new set, taking roughly 15 years of inflation into account, does it still seem that unreasonable? Given other political situations in the UK and the ranting around prices for other new GW releases, I'm really not surprised. The Deepkin boat is £25 and given it's probably similar sized box, our woods were always going to be more than that. Thankfully we should need less of the new models than the old ones and you can still use your old models too.
  3. I'd add to this by saying get some ferrous sheets which have a sticky back. Stick those to the bottom of your minis. Throw the magnets into the box. Minis stick to the magnets. Minis don't stick to each other when outside the box. Cheaper option than armybox is a large metal toolbox. But you have to use the sides and underside of the lid.
  4. I've got a bunch of Troggoths I primed in Mechanicus Standard Grey a few months back, but never got round to painting. I'd like to contrast paint them in bright colours. Wondering whether to Zenithal prime them with wrathbone. But am worried they might come out a bit dark.
  5. Does it make sense to run a mixed Trogg and Squig list? I get the feeling a 50/50 mix is going to lack synergy; stabbas/shootas tar pits are the more efficient way of filling a Trogg heavy list; and Troggs would be too slow for a Squig heavy list.
  6. I've used Militarum green for most of my Gitz; Plaguebearer flesh for some of my Gitz; and Apothecary White for one albino. I might add try a bit of Skeleton horde on top of one to make him a little dirty. Ork Flesh I suspect would come out very traditional 1990s Ork colour, which I agree might look a little dated. The Militarum is very typical grot skin. Plaguebearer is a lot more of a sickly yellow, but has just enough green to make it also work.
  7. Top right guy, replace/modify the masked guy on top, and you've got yourself a squig hopper / bounder.
  8. Yeah, woods dropping turn two might be a little late given the smaller board. If you're not keen on Archie (agreed he feels a little wasted with only one unit of Kurnoths), then drop him, Move Drycha into the main body (surely early is better than later), add some Tree Revs into the rearguard ?? I didn't realise the deployment order could be swapped around by the battleplan, which complicates things a little.
  9. Was thinking about meeting engagements too. For the spearhead, totally agree with Kurnoth's - they are easily the best thing we can fit into it. Instead of Archie, I wanted a Wraith turn one, as I wanted to get wood and Dryads out asap. In your list, you can't take a glade as you have the Acorn. You'd have to drop it or take a battalion, which would be expensive. Unless taking a battalion, due to only being allowed 1 leader at the start, sadly we can't get a second wood turn one AND summon Dryads turn one AND take a glade. One of them has to go. For the rearguard I think you only want stuff that can teleport. Treelord is nice. I went with Tree Revs, and felt 5 would be too few. For the main body, that's where I want a big guy plus battleline. Ancient was my choice, for the extra wood plus spell casting. Could replace with Treelord and Dryads. Or squeeze in Durthu and Dryads if I shrink the rearguard...... but I think I'd rather the utility of the Ancient. The Ancient's wood drop could allow me to drop the Acorn and take a glade - buff the Ancient with Harvestboon? ensure Dryad summoning with Gnarlroot? ensure Ancient gets a third wood using verdant blessing with Gnarlroot? Not quite sure if I'd get the usage out of Anicent Spells, so didn't include any. SpearheadBranchwraith (80) - Acorn Of The Ages(?)3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200)3 x Kurnoth Hunters (200)Main BodyTreelord Ancient (300)5 x Spite-Revenants (60)Rearguard10 x Tree-Revenants (160)Total: 1000 / 1000Wounds: 62 Alternatively, hide the Wraith turn one then bring on Alarielle. Maybe move 5 of those Revs into the spearhead. Not really a serious list. 😂 SpearheadBranchwraith (80) - Acorn Of The AgesMain BodyAlarielle the Everqueen (660)10 x Dryads (100) Rearguard10 x Tree-Revenants (160)Total: 1000 / 1000Wounds: 41
  10. Assuming you mean Gitmob Grots are gone, not Gitz? Any point changes?
  11. Love how the GHB is already out of date before it has even been released.
  12. Standard scenery placing rules should mean no more of those endless arguments about overly cluttered or empty tables. Ensuring games are more consistent gets a thumbs up from me, regardless of whether it ends up being a slight nerf or boost for Sylvaneth.
  13. Yeah, it's for the flexibility that I'd like to do the conversion. 4 or 5 new pieces might end up being as easy to place as a single old wood.
  14. I know we don't know the full sizes of the new wyldwoods yet, but..... Does anyone else think it'll be possible to make a set of new wyldwoods from an old wyldwood? Each piece in the new wood is "just" a tree connected to a bit of curved base. Ok, it's going to be a pain sawing through all that plastic, and there will be plastic shavings everywhere, but I think it might just work. Alternatively, the bits of curved base might be possible to make from scratch, and stuck to the old trees. Wonder if "official" tournaments would allow that. I suspect I'll buy a single new wood and then start trying to convert one of my old woods. If successful, then move onto the others.
  15. Just to add my two cents to the magnetised Treelords. I have two SC boxes. Didn't want another as I don't want more Branchwyches and I found some Dryads for cheap. I already had an Ancient from the first SC box. I realised I'd very rarely wanted to run a vanilla Treelord - and probably never at the same time as Durthu (ok, new battletome may change this). So it didn't matter to me if my vanilla was slightly off. I also wanted to see if I could effectively magnetise a Treelord without it getting wobbly or looking rubbish. And if I decided at any point it wasn't working, I could simply glue everything in place and go buy another SC box. So, I used a combination of the connecting pieces to put him in a pose I wanted. I magnetised the weapon hand onto the arm and the neck+head onto the torso. For the branches I used Durthu parts. My fluff explanation for that is that my Vanilla Treelord wants to be a Durthu when he grows up. I then decided to paint him like he had been on fire and was now smouldering, and proceeded to cut off all the leaves. I find this helps to distract the common reuse of parts when running as a Treelord. In the end I'm fairly happy with him. The weapon hand can spin around a little and you can see a tiny bit of magnet. The head holds on very firmly - can even pick him up via it. Maybe in some point in the future I'll change my mind, and I can just glue all the magnetised parts in place and keep as Durthu. Here's a photo of all the Durthu parts. Sadly didn't have Treelord head and weapon on hand to photo.
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