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  1. This. I see why their rules would be an iteration on existing rules to keep with the army theme. But I simply can't see any reason to use them. 180 points? Really?!? Even doubt I'll pick up the models. Not that keen on the Wych. Have a kitbashed wraith, so no need for a counts as model there. And I already have 10 revenants I never use.
  2. I used to agree with you - My Kill Team Skitarii looked awful in red..... but, once I had sprayed then I changed my mind. I almost always use Mechanicus Standard Grey as my primer because it's a good compromise - not too dark, not too light and applies well. With grey plastic, it can be really tricky to see if you've missed a spot. With coloured plastic, it's really obvious.
  3. Very much doubt they will be Battleline.
  4. When I got home last night and looked at my army, I had exactly the same idea. Either a Treelord or Drycha. But without the platform. I think with a little modding you could get space for a 32mm base into the single large claw of Drycha/Treelord. Pop a magnet in there too for safety. Plus the model base is the right width (100mm) and they are about the same height (13cm). With some cleverness maybe even end up with something that is still usable as the original model too. But, I can't see myself doing this, unless I somehow end up with another SC box. I bluetackked some wyldwood tree bits last night too (I've got lots of partial trunks where I've cut up and modded trees for the woods). Might have a way forward with it. Not sure yet.
  5. I keep meaning to go buy a vortex, and you've made me reconsider. Some (two?) of the wyldwood tress have a distinct horizontal section on the main trunk, before it bends upwards again. I suspect you could take one and add the trunks from other trees so that you get a chalice/goblet like shape. So one central trunk (or maybe multiple that joint up) that splits multiple ways horizontally before each bending upwards again. Wizard sits inside, with the branches growing up around her. Maybe put small platform inside the goblet to stand on, or cut out some notches so that nicely balances a 32mm base (because I hope you'd never need bigger than that....). Google search tells me the vortex is 13,3cm tall (and a base of about 10cm). I suspect in the above the wizard would sit a lot lower than that. Which might be an issue. Alternatively, the wizard sits higher in the branches of a single wyldwood tree. Might be able to use the leaves as a platform there. And probably an easier thing to make, with fewer trees required. Also, the wyldwood trees are a little rubbish and annoyingly thick to cut through. I do have loads of them sat around unused.
  6. I'm building a Gitz army. I love the loonshrine model, but I'm not convinced that the tiny guys would be able to keep moving a giant piece of moonrock to wherever the bad moon has risen. Most of their battles are meant to be suprise ambushes too. That's why my tribe have strapped their piece of moon rock to something much more portable. Much easier for me to picture them following the moon around with it. Meanwhile each of my Sylvaneth woods are painted differently (jungle, winter, magical, burnt etc). When one is summoned it is being pulled from across the various realms. If you're playing for the immersion then you should be modelling, painting and converting in a way that enforces this. Make your army work for you. Find a reason why those Duardin have a forge on the front lines. Ok, I agree GW could do better too. Think part of the reason is that the models come first, then the lore, then the rules.
  7. Similar size and price too! Ok, I'm doubling down on my prediction then.
  8. What do people think will be in the "damp wood" (Sylvaneth Vs Gitz) box? I'm going with: 3 kurnoth + Drycha + 5 Revenants + small wizard. The small wizard is either a plastic Branchwraith with or a brand new model. Really not sure what else they could do without repeating stuff in the start collecting box. Little hesitant because I'm not sure if GW would put a named character in a boxset. Maybe a Wanderers unit if they decide to merge them in.
  9. Sylvaneth and Gitz and my two armies! Well, 3000 points fully painted in the first, a big pile of work in progress conversions for the second - I'm going far too slow with them. Until now I hadn't really considered that they match together well (just like Sylvaneth and Nurgle. Maybe Gitz and Nurgle too). New Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig would be great. I think all the old finecast/metal models are missing from the photos in the Gitz battletome, which I did find odd at the time. Maybe this is why. For Sylvaneth only the Branchwraith needs updating (well, maybe the Dryads, but I'm not buying/painting another 64 of them). They do need extra variety, so maybe it'll be something entirely new. They have plenty of big guys, so maybe another squishy 32mm 5wound wizard. Can't see the Gitz getting something completely new that needs a whole new warscroll.
  10. Those are my two armies! Suspect it'll contain one new model for each faction(?)
  11. What I find odd with the kit is there is nothing in the lore/rules to explicitly distinguish between the two builds. They both carry boulder clubs; In the past, the "stone attached to a stick" club would be named differently to "pointy stone" club. I'm wondering if I should try magnetise him for both builds. But what explicitly marks one build from the other? Weapon? Shoulder mushrooms? Necklace? Head? "Strict GW tournament rules" aren't going to allow you to do a counts-as between the two - but, where is the cut off on a kit bash that's halfway between the two? Looking at my Treelord/Durthu, I magnetised the weapon and the head. But some of the other bits I stuck with Durthu build. That's because my young Treelord want's to be a Durthu when he grows up. It all made sense where to go with it. Also, more I think about it, taking a group of three dankholds in a unit is going to look bad because they are all going to be identical. The kit was designed as two single monster builds, not a unit. (Ok, I know that's going to be a very rare list, but still). When building for this, I suspect people are going to start incorporating parts of the boss to add the variety. That poor beetle!
  12. I've often wondered about all those FW monsters. Look like a nice big model project to do. The Dread maw, Basilisk, Merwyrm and Magma Dragon. To use these I'm going to have to go mixed destruction rather than Gitz, which means bye bye command traits, artefacts, spell lore, loonshrine Which ones of them are any good (or should I be asking in another thread.....), and are they better than the obvious "take Gordrakk" option? I'm also a bit concerned they'll look too "serious" when put next to the "cartoony" Gitz.
  13. And then, buy some Rockguts, Dankhold, Spider etc and use them to make a Sylvaneth army.........
  14. Been trying to figure out some conversion options myself. Mostly I'm just trying for alternatives to the Fellwaters and maybe adding bits to my other kits. The new Trogg and other Gitz stuff has a clean cartoony look to them, which jars with the older Trogg/Squig kits. Looking around at the other factions, many of don't work either - you can throw out most of Order; and Chaos and Death are often too serious or over detailed. Newer Nurgle stuff fits if you're going for the diseased look. Having recently painted Alarielle, I think she'd work as a spider option The Blood Bowl trolls (GW and FW) might be worth a look. There's lots of LOTR Trolls - but mostly metal and some require ebay. And there's the FW Bile Troggoths, but lets ignore them, (also, I think you meant Trogg not Throgg..... )
  15. Squig Herds and Stabbas seem a sensible way to pad a low body Trogg list, so I guess that doesn't worry me too much. I think my problem was that I was thinking I'm paying X points for a hero who has special abilities as a General. If I don't have him as a general then I'm wasting some of those points. Maybe a better way of thinking of it is that you cost your units without taking into account the Generals abilities; and you get to choose one set of Generals abilities which is accounted for separately. Is Skragrott worth 220 for just his shooting, spell and melee? I thinks so. Is Trogboss worth 300 when you take way his battleline and command traits? ...Maybe not, and given I already have Squigs, then maybe a Loonboss on Mangler Squig, or something else, is a better way to spend 300.
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