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  1. Finally finished building Arkhan the Black. I really wanted to do Neferata too, so I took the horses from a dreadblade Harrow set and am making 2 VL on nightmare steeds. Got a fair bit of remoulding and some green stuff work to do but I think they will work
  2. Hail brothers and sisters of the dead i have found myself returning here as I build up my deathly empire, and especially with the announcement of the new legion we will be getting. I am going to be building a grand unified army of death, from nighthaunt, LoN and the Ossiarch. I just picked up the skeleton horde start collecting box and I can’t decide which mortarch to build. Thematically I think it should be arkhan or Neferata. Does anyone have suggestions? is it possible to magnetise the three options?
  3. Finally about to start building my Warcry set, so I’m glad I found this again. As above, can we get a sticky on this?
  4. Can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to the next addition to this series of yours. Thankyou
  5. Thanks I hadn’t thought of this
  6. Rules wise I would suggest some sort of escalation mini campaign where you introduce more complex rules at each stage, so start with the basics, movement magic etc for a small game. Then add the next tier of rules. I’m sure the core book has that in, but if I’m wrong, grab a getting started with AoS magazine as that has it set up like that to introduce you in stages till you get your head around it
  7. Idoneth are a great idea for conversion to death. Yep I’ll fill on add chains skulls tombstones etc
  8. Thanks for this. Been wanting to dip into the lore for a while now. Good starting point for me 😁
  9. Hey everyone so although I really love the look of all my Nighthaunt, I can’t help but feel the army looks a little bland. So I am looking to put some models from other factions in, but to be run as nighthaunt. For example, I’m looking to get a branchwraith and a box of spite-revenants to run as a banshee and bladegheist revenants. I’ll paint them up in the same theme as my current units, but I think it might give my army the all encompassing feel and flavour of death. Nagash takes all souls so I want to represent that on the table. Thinking maybe some clan rats to run as chainrasp maybe too. What does everyone think? Good idea or bad idea? what units would you like to see?
  10. Thanks Avatar Rage, this is really helpful. Just starting my own death army out of the soil wars box, plus got a tomb banshee and myrmourn banshees too. Just deciding on whether to pick up Lady Olyander next, or some Hexwraith. Or crawlocke. Or possibly dreadblade harrows. Or Reikenor.............. *sigh*
  11. I got back into the hobby seriously at Christmas last year. The first 6 months I would go crazy spending on anything that looked cool or I thought I might build an army for. Then I stopped. I sold pretty much all of it (except the odd bit) as mostly was all still on sprue. Doing this pod for Soul Wars. I have dipped into the odd troop box for kill team to give a bit of flavour and also so I can play at home with my wife and kids, and also got a second hand underworlds season 1 to do the same. I’ll get a few war bands that we each like the look of, that way I can include my family in my hobby if they want to be involved. And now I am just concentrating on my two main armies for AoS and 40k (nighthanunt and space wolves respectively). It has honestly made the hobby much more pleasant because I don’t have mounds of unpainted unbuilt minis everywhere, and means I can afford the odd little indulgence in a character or some such every now and then
  12. Hi all uk based. I have the Khorne half of Sigmar, plus an aspiring deathbringer and a slaughter priest. Ten bloodreavers are painted, khorgos khul, bloodsecrator are built and primed black , everything else is new on sprue (with bases) Also included are the starter book from the Thunder and Blood box set, the Warhammer AoS painting guide book, and the Chaos Grand Alliance book there is an optional new in box daemon prince for an extra £15. Local collection (Berkshire/west London) available. Shipping in the UK by courier will be £6.70 ontop due to the weight
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