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Nurgle Expansion


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Hello all! I'm been to the forum and new to the game. I'm trying to figure out a priority list in regards to purchases. So far I have:

Herald of Nurgle x1

Plaguebearers x20

Plague Drones x3

Nurglings x3

Blightkings x5

Lord of Plagues x1

Chaos Warriors x20 (hand weapons & shield)

Chaos Marauders x10 (flails) 

Daemon Prince x1 (wings & axe)

So, what should I get next? Thanks in advance for the responses! 

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That looks like a great start.  How far through it are you?

What do you think about the Maggoth Lords or the Glotkin?


==edit: one of the Maggoth Lords is a sorcerer and is pretty cool.  Most people like him best.

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I've played them all at least once so far. As far as painting goes, I'm on the last Plaguebearer and I've finished the Herald. I plan on getting the Plague Drones and Nurglings finished this weekend. I love the look of the Maggot Lords and the Glotkin. I'd definitely be willing to expand into an army centerpiece like that. Which one is best? 

Edit: I just saw your suggestion edit. Thanks! I'll go check out the warscroll. 

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Looks like a great start right there! 

As for some personal opinions:
- Another unit of Blightkings wouldn't hurt
- A Skaven Plague Claw is a fantastic Artillery piece for ranged support
- I personally think the Glottkin is/are fantastic Leader, the same applies for the Great Unclean One but it might get an update (40K rumour) so I'd skip the GUO first
- 30 Plaguebearers are ideal to use as an attrition block for 2000 points
- Clan Pestilens Skaven can give you something very different while still being Nurgle, with this I mean that what they lack in attrition they make up with offense and this can be tactically interesting to branch into to fill up the body count. As pieces like Blightkings don't mind it when they don't recieve attention ;) 

Hope that sketched idea helps out somewhat. Nurgle mixes seem very potent to me.

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49 minutes ago, StarLord615 said:

Thanks for all of the responses! I think it sounds like I'll be buying a Glotkin and more Plaguebearers soon 

Fantastic choice! Do consider Blightkings too. They are a drastical offensive unit which blends really well with attrition units.

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