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Starsoul maces

Knight of Ruin

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My wife collects stormcast and figured out the other day she can have 2 starsoul maces per 5 paladins. But having only theretributors from the startekit (+2) she doesnt have any.

As far i can see there only comes 1 starsoul mace per box? How feasable is it to convert 1 or more out of the decimator axe heads?


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GW site has it wrong then:


The Retributors are armed with Lightning Hammers - one model can be assembled as a Retributor-Prime, with a specially upgraded Lightning Hammer, and one model can be assembled with a special weapon, the Starsoul Mace. The box contains a huge amount of variety and options - eighteen heads, twenty shoulder pads, nine tilting shoulder plates - with interesting posability making your collection unique. 

So if it's two in the box, that will definitely help out a lot. :)

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