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removing casulties



Had a situation come up last night that neither of us have seen before. Charged my slann into the flank of bloodknights 


s= slann b=bloodknight


the BK on the far right was the banner.

after that turn t looked like this  sbbb b

I won initiative and after magic and shooting it looked like   sb    b

the BK nearest slann had 2 wounds on it.  The slann finished him off in combat but the banner guy was now more then 3 inches away .

We played  it that he was no longer in combat and thus was able to charge a different unit in his next turn (and grow amodel back lol)

Did we play this right? Can you remove casualties in such away to remove aunit from combat?



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Yes, you guys played that right :)

Note that while it is a viable tactic, removing models happen after all attacks have been made by a unit, so you can't use it to 'dodge' attacks (unless you do it to avoid a second unit that is in combat with you) - also, it looks like the blood knights ended up more than 1'' apart at one point due to casualties. If that happens, they can't pile in  (potentially not move at all. I forgot the details) anymore (but can still attack as normal) until they reform their formation somehow.

(If you already knew all of the above, great! Just mentioning it just in case ;)

Loving the Slann charge by the way. What a boss. 

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