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Thunderquake Starhost, "The Creator's Will"



Hey y'all!

I want to use the Thunderquake Starhost when playing my Seraphon.

I could not find a FAQ or Errata page that mentions that bataillon, so I assume for now that the warscroll included in the Battletome is still the most recent warscroll.

The description of the warscroll's ability "The Creator's Will" says:


At the start of each combat phase you can declare that all of those units will either be swift, in which case you can re-roll failed charge rolls and hit rolls for them, or savage, in which case you can re-roll failed wound rolls and save rolls for them.


My interpretations
A: it says you choose at the start of EACH combat phase. So twice a round, in your turn and your opponent's turn. Otherwise it would say "in each of your combat phases" like other warscrolls do.

B: it does NOT say something like "until your next hero phase" or "in the following combat phase" which would indicate when the buffs end. So it is either
B1: the buffs apply only in the combat phase
B2: the buffs apply until the next combat phase
B3: they end at some other, arbitrary point? I'll ignore that one for now.

C: it DOES mention a CHARGE roll, which can never occur inside a combat phase.

--> So if B1 is true the charge buff NEVER works.
--> If B2 is true the charge buff works, but never in the first round (you choose it after the charge phase), it applies in your NEXT turn, which is weird.
--> If B2 is true it even means that I can use three of the four buffs in one turn (I choose swift the turn before so it applies in my next charge phase, then in the combat phase I choose savage and get the other two). That sounds needlessly complex to me so I assume it could be an error.
--> B2 also automatically would mean that all the buffs on saves, wounds, and hits apply all the time, also in the shooting phase or when a special ability allows them to attack or be attacked in some other phase (such as a Kunnin' Rukk attacking my unit the hero phase).


So are there any clarifications on that?  The wording is weird. IIRC most warscrolls either

1. say "until your next hero phase" making clear that it lasts the full round. May also be phrased "in this round" (example: mystic shield)
2. say "in the following combat phase" (or shooting phase), making clear it is only in that one phase of your turn (example: Terradons' "swooping dive" ability)
3. say "in this turn", making clear that it happens in YOUR turn but NOT in your opponent's turn of the same round (can't find an example right now...)


I am confused. Please help. :)

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I'd go with B2, abilities last until the next combat phase.

Assuming that "each combat phase" isn't a mistype, then the only way you'll get a charge roll effect is just prior to another combat phase, so the effect has to span a turn by definition.

By extension, this would also mean save rolls could be rerolled during an opponent's shooting phase.


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