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Help on what to spend the final 240pts of a 1750pts list


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I need a bit of advice on the final 240pts for a list so far for a 1750 tournament.  I was thinking either spirits hosts for mortal wounds or some type of morghasts for fast moving hard hitting unit. Any more general comments on the list are welcome. The list so far is:


- Count Mannfred (160) (the one on horse, not dread abysal)

- Necromancer (120)

- Vampire Lord (140)

- Wight King with Infernal Banner (120)

- Mortis Engine (180)

- Skeleton Warriors x 40 (320)

- Skeleton Warriors x 40 (320)

- Skeleton Warriors x 10 (80)

- Dire Wolves x 5 (60)

- last 240 points?

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I would tend to go for morghasts. They would make a pretty hard hitting unit especially with Mannfred and his re-rolls (if he's the general) otherwise they would make great killing blows to whomever the skeletons engage. 

I find spirits' mortal wound output is usually middling even with 6A each. With re-rolls you'll maybe get 5 or 6. If just 2 out of 6 of your Archai land hits that's getting you the wounds right there pretty much. With re-rolls (mannfred) or extra attack (Vamp lord) you'll definitely dish some hurt.

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10 hours ago, TerrorPenguin said:

Leave it for summoning? Then you have the choice - 240 is:

One unit of harbingers

four units of zombies

cairn wraith

two units of spirit hosts

dire wolves 



Exactly what I was going to write when I read the OP

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