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1k sylvaneth point list for tournament


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So a 1k point tournament is going to happen soon for some cinder event or whatever and I was thinking of what tournament competent lists i could make with 1k points.

I am facing off against a guy that likes to spam double blade plague monks, a guy who loves bloodwarriors and the lord of khorn with his deletion axe, storm cast eternals dude, ironjawz but with the shaman on a vortex and foot of gork etc etc scary lists

What i was thinking was

Treelord Ancient: gnarled warrior, oaken armor, regrowth-300


5 tree revenants-100

Kurnoth hunters-3-scythes-180

Kurnoth hunters-3-bows-180

what do you guys think? what have you fielded? 


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I'm thinking of running the exact same list, with exact same traits/artefacts. However, instead of oaken armour is go briarsheeth. I'm rolling that one. -1 to enemy hit rolls shooting and combat, -2 to enemy hit rolls in combat with combined stomp. Tanky  as hell. 

Regrowth, strong choice. For me it's a toss up between verdant's blessing or regrowth. Regrowth is just too good to pass up.

strong list pal.

As for your hunters, I prefer mine either scythes or greatswords. I take one of each, greatswords for enemy units of 10-20, scythes for stuff like mult-wound cavalry and monsters.

bowmen I find works best in units of 6. A unit of 3 is very underwhelming in my eyes.

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