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Need Help! Vampire list 2k


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I've been getting my daughter into AoS. Originally she wanted wood elves, but since they are OOP she has expressed interest in Vampires. She especially likes the Coven Throne, Nefereta and the female vampire lord models. I don't need a list that has all of these, but one that has at least the Coven Throne or nefereta. Can anyone help me?

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Beh, without an amount of points it's quite difficult to answer. Anyway you can point to use female verions of the things. 

For exaple you can use the conven thorne, neferata.

Blood knights as personal guards fo the queen. You can even go to modify and create a female version of the same.

About trops even if Neferata from Bg uses zombies I?dsuggest to use only skeletons for her as battlelines.

You can point on mixing dark aelves and dark eldar cause they are the models with the most number of female miniatures to aid you eventually.

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IF she's young and hasn't played much, certainly stick with smaller games.

All it takes is one long/boring/confusing/one-sided game to scar somebody forever.

Setting up terrain, armies, a table, rules/papers/ipads with the app, that all takes time and someone could be likely to just quit before the game has started if they aren't super interested in the first place.

So open play is fine, but you might want to calculate so quick lists beforehand where she has 800-100 ish and you are down 200-300 points.

Just an opinion.


As far as actually building a list. I agree to give multiple 10's of Skeletons for battleline, Neferata + Coven Throne + Isabella. Blood Knights are neat but kinda expensive. Vargheists/Crypt Flayers look like mean old warped vampire ladies, you could just say those are women too and maybe she might like them.

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