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An Age of Sigmar blog for beginners

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Hey all,

I am a long time lurker on tga and really enjoy it and other AoS resources. There are a lot of great tools around the web, and sometimes I am amazed that I missed some odd gold nugget or hobby gem for so long. It seems the new players have an even harder time 'finding the good stuff' and deciphering what it all means. So I decided to try and do something about it and help with what  I feel I have to contribute (mainly by explaning, simplyfying and extrapolating on different topics).

So, I have created a little blog about Age of Sigmar, where the main focus (in the beginning) will be on AoS from a beginners perspective. So far there is online:

I hope ageofsigmar.eu will grow and that you will accept me as a contributor in this great hobby community and forum.  It feels good to be out of the shadows where the lurkers... lurk :) 

Feedback is always greatly appreciated. If you find an AoS topic you feel is not covered on the great web, feel free to pass them along. I will be happy to take requests! 

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Read through your first post ('A beginners guide to Age of Sigmar'), and thought it was great. The light tone and core set suggestions very appropriate, and good use of images.

A small idea for improvement: at the end you briefly touch on getting started on modelling and painting. And what someone getting started might need. This could easily be a topic for another post, where you can go in to abit more depth, and give it the same level of attention as you have given the core sets in this post.

Perhaps you could round it off instead with something like: "After a few games, you might want to paint your miniatures. Read more on how to get started here" or similar.

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