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  1. I think some allies can be part of the FEC . they are not a must and usually I play without them. But I´m myself thinking to add morghasts at some point just to get some more heavy hitters.
  2. Thanks for your adsvice, it seems like some intersting options
  3. So what is a good basic to get for the army ?
  4. So, I´m thinking to perhaps start a small army (around 1000p), mostly as a hobby project. But I´m thinking that perhaps it could be fun an later expand it to 2000p. I want to play with it even if its lower points. But do you think this is army that will contuie to be and army and not disapear and what advice about the army could you give me?
  5. I don´t believe they will make chaos dwarfs but if the would, GW has me as one very happy customer that will buy a whole new army
  6. Looks like intersting list that should work.
  7. @Reuben Thanks. That what was I thought. Hope that we perhaps get some hunger spell list or something
  8. I got to ask another question: What kind of spells can we use? If I understand it right it´s only the one that are on every wizards (ghoul kings) and malign magic spells. Or have I missed something?
  9. Thanks Glaurung. Then I plaued it right and as you said, it´s actually a relly terribly ability. It would be ok(ish) if we rolled every time we killed some models and not a unit or if it happend on a 2+ instead (or why not both).
  10. A question, when do we need to roll for feeding frenzy? Is it after we destroy a whole unit or just a model? Im new and we played it that a whole unit needed to be gone before we rolled for it. But that means that it hardly happend and of course rolling a 6 at right time is a little chance. So what is right? I also agree a new book with new miniatures and units would be great. Also some changes to ghouls would be welcomed ?
  11. Congratulation to you Andreas and team Sweden! Great work. Can you tell more about your games?
  12. @Karchev23 Look at @Andreas list on page 2 on this thread and I think you will find a good compative list ?
  13. Some very intersting list there and I really like your input Andreas. Will be intersting to hear how your tournament goes. Lets hope that our fyreslayers make a big success Myself is right now painting full time to get some minaitures ready for a campagint that starts in ausgust in my gaming club. Hopefull I can soon play my first game too. Then I will report back what I experinced and learned.
  14. That sounds very intersting Andreas. What did you use in your old list? and wanna share any nice advice for a new player? Looking forward to your report later on the tournament).
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