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Joining Order: Cathay?

Count von Count

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Salutations all!


Recently, I decided to dip into some of my older projects and interests and I had the idea of creating a Cathay-themed army for Age of Sigmar.  Overall, I know exactly what models I'm going to gather together to play, but here's the thing; what would be effective?


I really have no idea.  I had thought Free Peoples as a base, using the Freeguild and their various weaponry to form a solid core of Cathay warriors.  My good man, Joe, over at Watchful I Studio produces some gorgeous, if limited, casts of Qin-era infantry and did me a solid to equip them as needed.  However, I want to play the army in a more traditional Cathay theme, so the Freeguild regiment isn't really on my mind, as for one, I hate Outriders and Pistoliers, and for two, they are out of character.


The thing I love about Age of Sigmar is that the system allows you to pull from anything you want to build your lists, so a properly themed army is easily done.  However, I like winning games as well.  I am a gracious loser, and I enjoy the fun of playing, but every once in a while a good win is good for the soul.  So as for an army list to begin working with, here is what I have so far.  I will provide a brief explanation of any non-faction units afterwards.


Freeguild General

- Sigmarite Weapon, Shield, General, Strategic Genius


Freeguild General

-Sigmarite Weapon, Shield, Stately War Banner




30 Freeguild Guard

-Swords, Shields, Sergeant, Drummer, Banner


30 Freeguild Guard

-Spears, Shields, Sergeant, Drummer, Banner


20 Freeguild Greatswords

-Sergeant, Drummer, Banner


Celestial Hurricanum


3 Demigryph Knights

-Preceptor, Banner, Hornblower, Lances and Swords


5 Reavers



20 Freeguild Crossbowmen

-Marksmen, Banner, Pipers


-1980 points


The Reavers here from the Dawnspire kit will be stand in for the Hung Auxiliaries from the old Cathay sourcebook.  Other than that, this list generally functions on the normal Freeguild premise that I've seen so far on the forums.  It seems a solid base to me.  I'd like to work in maybe a few more gunline-type units I think, like another unit of Crossbowmen, and also a unit or two of Bretonnian Archers.  Between the two, they make a good base for traditional Chinese (erm...Cathayan) phalanx tactics.  The points though just aren't there, but this list was meant to be more competitive than fluffy.  What are your thoughts?

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To be honest.. I think getting a unit of pistoliers (even if they are some sort of proxied horse archers .. which might fit your theme?) for the regiment would help. Also I'd switch one of the melee units to ranged (handgunners.. but I guess you could proxie for that too.. or consider them hirelings from out of town).

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