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A Great Moonclan arises...


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Hey peeps. Last year I got into Warhammer at the tail end of 8th and started a Night Goblin themed army. I loved the AoS changes when they came but shortly after the release, life got in the way of hobbying. Recently I got back in the saddle and am determined to get a decent playable Moonclan army painted up.

I'm aiming for the Great Moonclan battalion as a starting point with some Troggoths, doom divers and squig based auxillary units. I'm learning to paint as I go, so please join me on my journey to finally get this army painted and ready for some Age of Sigmar! I've started a twitter account especially (@Rtificer) and I'll be posting updates here as a way of motivating myself to keep going. Here's a shot of most of the stuff I need to get through (minus a bunch of bow grots). Enjoy!


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Believe it or not this project is still alive! As am I. I've had a bit of a turbulent year or so with hobby stuff once again taking a back seat and a lot of my stuff in storage so here I am dusting these grots off and resolving to paint some more. I've reassessed the army since the General's Handbook and am still aiming at the Great Moonclan Battalion but probably around 1000pts for now. Something achievable! Something like this:

1 x moonclan grot warboss

2 x moonclan grot shaman

2 x 20 moonclan grots w/spears & shields

1 x 20 moonclan grots w/bows

4 x moonclan grot fanatics (only have 3 at the mo)

1 x mangler squigs

I've got a bunch of other mini's to expand beyond that in a purely moonclan manner but we'll see how this goes for now.

I have made some progress on the painting and basing side of things over the past year and I'll post some close ups of the finished pieces once I've sorted some decent ones out. For now here's an overall pic of the "to-do" list:



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Interesting... I'm not a regular player to be honest so I won't worry about that too much. If I ever do get a game in with the army, hopefully my opponent will allow a small translation of Goblin into Grot.

On the other hand, not worrying about the 3 units of Night Goblins restriction for the battalion scroll does free me up a bit to bring in some of the more interesting units I have. Hmmm.... I might have a little rethink as it saves some points on the battalion and I've been looking for way to fit in some Troggoths with these guys.

At the end of the day it's just a bit of a structure to get some models I like painted and who knows, the Moonclan might even have a battletome of their own by the time I get round to completing this (one can hope!) with some more interesting options. xD

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Indeed - go for Troggoths! It's a beefy unit that works nicely with Moonies (not those moonies, these Moonies). 

I've also found a lot of the old Destruction compendium battalions to be quite restrictive, requiring a ton of units. Moonclan works well with large numbers in their units as opposed to lots of smaller units (like most other Orruk and Grot battlines). 

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Alright, I've had a bit of a rejig forgetting the old compendium battalion and this comes in bang on 1000pts:

Moonclan Grot warboss

Moonclan Grot Shaman

40 Moonclan Grots w/spears & shields

20 Moonclan Grots w/bows

2 x Moonclan Grot fanatics

Mangler Squigs

Fellwater Troggoths

Shame I can only fit 2 fanatics in but hopefully the Troggoths are worth it. Visually they are but again, I'll be happy if I get it painted, let alone play it!


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