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One of my old gaming buddy has not taken to Age of Sigmar well.  I did my best to show him the appeal of the rules, but did not work.  So, he sold me his old wood elves for an extremely cheap amount.  I have the following:

30 archers

15 wildwood rangers

5 wild riders

5 sisters of the thorns

2 metal eagles

3 warhawks

7 waywatchers

12 dancers

2 spellweavers

1  prince

5 wayfinders


I would like to use the waystone finders battalions.  I am looking for advice, and suggestion for buying(I know I need eternal guard, and sisters of thorn).  Thanks for your time. 

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Youve done pretty well there. Not much is needed to make that a viable army.

couple of questions.

Do you want to play in competitions (or specifically do you want to steer clear of compendium models)?

Do you have an idea of how large (point wise) you want your army to get.

You dont actually NEED the Eternal guard as you have enough models to fulfill both your battle line requirements and your battalions needs for most games.

That said Eternal guard a definitely worth having around so i would keep atleast 20 around. They are potentially awesome in defense.

After that you have covered most of the bases in some form or another.

If you are happy to use the compendium models (I do and i love them) there are many other avenues to explore.

Such as using spellweaver unique spell on your warhawks!



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