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Thoughts on Seraphon Battalions?


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So I'm thinking that Seraphon might be my next force after I finish my Stormcast. Flipping through the Battletome, the Battalions don't look half bad. Particularly I'm seeing the Thunderquake Starhost and thinking it might be pretty solid - rerolling Bastiladon saves and monsters getting wounds back is pretty solid. While it's no Beastclaw Thunderfilth list, it seems like a cool way to bring lots of Monsters and have them be pretty effective.

In general, what have been your experiences with the Seraphon Battalions? Worth bringing or not?

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I have never played Seraphon. However, I am interested in them. Have a look at the Eternal Starhost... It is just amazing (on the paper)

Saurus Eternity Warden: 140p 

2x5 and 1x10 Saurus Guard:  400p (they make +1 attack if Warden is <5")

Saurus oldblood: 100p (general,  basically all seraphon <10" move ~3" more, this will give more speed to the Guards)

Eternal starhost: 80p

  • Add 1 to the result of any save rolls for the Saurus Guard if <10" of the Warden
  • If a unit of Guards does not move, damage of Celestite Polearms is 1D3 rather than 1 in the combat phase

So you have 30 guys with 4+ save, 3 attacks (if <5" Warden), 3+ 3+ -1 rend 1D3 damage, and 1 attack 5+ 4+. The only think I do not like is only 1 wound, but you have 3+ save if Warden is <10", ignoring rends of -1.

This goes up to 720p. It is a shame I could not add a Bastilodon (300p) as artillery + tank. Maybe some Chamaleon Skinks for more movement and protect objectives. Instead, I would choose two units of Terradon Riders (140p each) or Ripperdactyl Raiders. They are extremely fast, they cause mortal wounds dropping the cargo and they are great at melee rerolling hit and wound rolls when descending to fight. They can protect objectives too.

What do you think?

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Depends on if you intend on going fun or Competitive. In 2k I squeezed:
2 Bastilladons
Engine of the Gods
6 Kroxigor
3x 10 Skinks
5 Chameleon Skinks
Thats not alot and its fairly easy to kill for competitive games, however playing at WHW with this list Ive had fun everytime.

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My 2 cents:

They are all overcosted, and most of them are overrated.

Eternal Starhost seems good on paper but in practice it is actually pretty easy to play around. If all you are playing against is Khorne Bloodbound or Freeguild then the Starhost is a good list because you get 2+ save battleline units, but it folds to any amount of mortal wounds and your opponent can easily deny your D3 damage by flanking your guard and forcing you to pile in.

If you try to play the Eternal Starhost in 1000 points you'll find yourself outmaneuvered and shot to bits very easily and you'll have trouble being aggressive enough to take an enemy point. You have nothing to deal with casters, artillery, heavy rend attacks, or most shooting in general.

The only good starhosts are Thunderquake, Bloodclaw, and Shadowstrike, but they should cost 80 points for what they do. Sunclaw and Heavenswatch aren't bad but they not worth more than 60 points each.

I think the biggest problem with Seraphon battalions is that there isn't a proper set of Seraphon allegiance bonuses

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