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Ruinbringer Warband Battalion Experiences

Agent of Chaos

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Hey all, wondering if people have found the Ruinbringer Warband Battalion effective and how you managed to get the most out of it. 

The Devastating Charge rule says you get to make a charge move in your hero phase, as if it was the charge phase, so I take it to mean no movement before attempting the charge (and units already in combat or within 3" of enemy units would not be able to charge). So basically you are hoping that your opponent moves his troops to within 12" of your knights/chariots in his turn without charging you (or attempts and fails their charges) OR conversely in your previous turn you have moved your units to be within charge range but don't charge (or fail your charges or retreat your units from combat), hope your opponent doesn't charge you in their turn (or hope for the double turn) and then use the Devastating Charge.

Are opponents really going to put themselves in that position often enough for you to get the most out of the battalion? Do you have a tactic to draw your opponent into a trap? Is this an effective tactic against gunlines or completely useless? Or is this particular battalion just a nice thing to have in your back pocket where it might come in handy 1 in every 4 games or so? Would love to hear people's thoughts/experiences/tactics etc. 

If this topic has already been discussed on another thread please feel free to direct me there instead of repeating yourselves!


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It's probably best utilised with knights doing hit and swap with chariots or other knights - rarely works.

Or charging into units who are already stuck in combat etc 

It's not very helpful and once per game I think? It's rubbish pretty much, a make do until they get around do doing chaos.


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It's a battalion I've looked at a lot, and want to run when I have the models painted. Of note to it is that the doing mortal wounds damage is entirely independent of completing a charge with the units:

Part one of the ability is having to declare charges in your hero phase (but remember in AoS you don't have to then move, even if you roll high enough to).

Part two of the ability is then doing mortal wounds to anyone near any of your units (no limitations on having to be charging units).

It can be pretty cheeky with Marauder horsemen - charge 2d6 +1" (hornblower) in your hero phase, doing some mortal wounds, then retreat 12" in your movement phase, then shoot, then charge another 2d6 + 1". If you can stepping stone it correctly, they can get in some very frustrating places for your opponent indeed....

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In my opinion it's one of the useless battalions :(

1. You can do that only once per battle (why GW, why!?)
2. You have to be very lucky to do that efficiently:
 - units in the close combat cannot do that...
 - other units have to perform succesfully the charge...
 - the best foe units you want to hurt are mostly behind other units

So to add up - 180 points which you can "use" only once per battle and the damages will be not so rewarding.

It would be very good if we could do that in each of ours hero phases or i.ex. 3 times.

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