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1250pts Tomb King for Tournament


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Hi Guys, 

Im one of those guys coming back to GW fantasy with Age of Sigmar. Left the game at mid of 8th Edition.

with only two aos games under my belt so far, im thinking to join my LGS tournament. Its 1250 pts with GHB.


Royal Warsphinx - Tomb Blade, Ruler of the Night

Liche Priest on steed

3 Chariot - battleline

3 Chariot - battleline

5 Skeletal Horsemen - battleline

3 Ushabti

2 Tomb Scorpion

Screaming Skull Catapult


Advices is very appreciated. So what do you think?



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Very nice army:)

I would reccomend 1 block of skeletons.

And if you have necropolis knights, they are a no brainer. 

If you'd use a catapult, I would also bring a necrotect and if it is possible a few banshees. AoS is all about army synergy imo. If you could not find points for at least the necrotect, i 'd drop the the catapult. 

Finally a tomb herald 's command ability to give +1 to hit is more in synergy with the lich priest spell.

Good luck:)

Edit: Your base size for chariots are so large that you will usually come into contact with the enemy units only by one chariot. I'd reccomend to use the older bases.

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That's a nice looking army you have =) 1250 is a wonky number to play, because you are forced to bring three battleline units instead of two, but can't afford much else on top of it. I generally agree with Razorfate - your list is not very synergistic, and TK are all about synergies.

I would try to squeeze in a Necrotect and/or Tomb Herald in your list. The Catapult and Ushabti both benefit from the presence of the Necrotect, and his buff is useful on other units. The Herald is extremely potent with Chariots, since he helps each unit regenerate 5 extra wounds per turn. With how durable Chariots are (5 wounds, 4+ save, 50+ RotN), this is massive. The Liche, while generally good, is not so useful in your list, since you don't have any sources of +1 to hit rolls. If you had a Tomb King or Settra in your list, the Liche would be fantastic, but as it is, I would probably not include him. The Royal Warsphinx is excellent, but I think you should put in some units that really benefit from his command ability (Tomb Guard or Necropolis Knights, since they do extra damage on wound rolls of 6 - with the Royal Warsphinx, this happens on 5+ instead).

As for your units, the Scorpions tend to be a bit hit and miss. If you play a good scenario and against an opponent that lets you make use of them, then they're great. If not, they will sort of just sit around and not do much. Their damage is also unreliable, since they have so few attacks - a couple of bad dice rolls, and they do nothing. At 1250, I would bring one, tops. Chariots and Horsemen are great battleline units, but you really have a lot of points invested in battleline here. I'm not quite sure how to work around that on 1250 points. I have not used Ushabti enough to judge, but they seem good for what they cost.

Hope that helps!

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