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Good evening fellow Players i just bought the Start Collecting Malignants  ,  Hexwraiths , and more spirit hosts I have been trying to figure out the best models to fill in the gapes to make it a solid army.  Any advice would be helpful and welcomed 






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Good morning:)

ı think you will need bodies for objectives, so zombies and/ or skellies are a good way to start.

Settra or Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon is a good general to buff spirit hosts.

You can never go wrong with Blood Knights (convert them from High Elves Dragon Blades or Chaos Knights to be in budget) or Necropolis knights.

Basically you can deal mortal wounds easily but you also need to deal conventional wounds too. 

Also necromancers and / or VL to cast spells


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Competitive players tend to use the "matched play" rules from the general's handbook, since that has points costs & limits on army composition. There are other ways to play, but it's a little harder to say what makes a "solid" army for them.

If you're playing matched play, you will need some "Battleline" units - 2 in 1000pts, 3 in 2000pts, etc.

Spirit Hosts can be Battleline, but only if your army consists entirely of Cairn Wraiths, Tomb Banshees, Black Coaches, Hexwraiths, and Spirit Hosts. You might be able to build a viable army that way, but it would be extremely limited.

Otherwise, your main options for battleline are zombies or skeletons. You could also take skeleton chariots or skeleton horsemen, for a more mobile army, but the models for those have been discontinued, so might be hard to get hold of.

Zombies are the cheapest way to fill your minimum battleline, and get some more bodies on the table. Personally, I would not take skeletons except in blocks of 30 or 40, unless I had something else that worked on skeletons and not zombies, and I wouldn't normally fill all my battleline with big skeleton blocks, so getting some zombies would probably be a good start.

You will also need a "Leader" — basically any hero (check the general's handbook for the exact list). You will probably want a general with a decent command ability. As Razorfate says, a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon or Settra the Imperishable would be best for boosting spirit hosts. Settra's another discontinued model, though, and if you're going to take him I would recommend taking skeletons instead of zombies, because he synergises much better with them.

Another option for a leader/general would be the coven throne — it doesn't have particularly strong synergy with any of your other options, but it doesn't have weak synergy either, it pretty much works in any army. If you haven't assembled it yet, your mortis engine could be assembled as a coven throne instead (but the mortis engine is also a very good model that would work well with spirit hosts and hexwraiths).

Having some magic is always helpful, if you are running a mortis engine you get bonuses to cast, and ethereal troops get a lot of benefit from mystic shield.

Other than that, it depends on what units you like the look of, and which models you want to run. Age of Sigmar is a reasonably well-balanced game, in my experience, so pretty much every unit is usable, it's just that certain combinations of units work better than others.

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Having said that, you might want to play smaller games to start with, so a cheaper hero might come in handy (I would not want to field a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon in 1000pts, it would take up almost half your army).

A basic Vampire Lord is decent as a leader for smaller games, he doesn't synergise particularly well with spirit hosts, but can offer a decent boost to zombies and hexwraiths. If you're going to get one, I'd suggest either a Vampire on Nightmare steed or one with membranous wings — both options cost nothing extra, points-wise, and increase your movement. The horse adds a little extra hitting power, the wings let you fly over terrain and models.

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