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Ramdomly summoned units question



I am aware that for matched play you must reserve points in your list for units that you attempt to summon with a spell. My question is, does this also encompass units that summon by randomly rolling on a chart? (E.g. engine of the gods, screamimg bell, etc)

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That really sucks then because, for instance, a screaming bell on a 12 summons a verminlord. Is anyone ever going to leave sufficient points behind for that? What happens if the 12 is rolled but there aren't enough reserve points to bring a verminlord, does nothing happen then? Or is it common practice to house rule that the result goes to the next one below? (I.e. the 10-11 result)

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  1. It allows units to get across the board and into combat faster (summoned skeletons can charge on turn 1, skeletons deployed normally are going to take a few more turns getting there).
  2. You can choose what to summon based on what your opponent has, effectively tailoring your list.
  3. You can also tailor to the scenario, eg. summoning extra heros in "Three Places of Power"
  4. You can also tailor to things that happen during the battle, eg. replacing a unit that was unexpectedly destroyed.
  5. You finish deployment faster, making it more likely you'll get the initiative on turn 1.
  6. The unit can't be attacked until it's summoned ­— giving it a form of protection.
  7. You can position summoned units to react to your opponent's deployment, helping you to out-manoeuvre them and gain a tactical advantage.
  8. You can summon a unit to the far side of an enemy unit, bypassing defensive walls and coming up behind missile troops and war-machine crews (a bit like having flying troops).
  9. You can seize control of objectives more quickly (again, improved manoeuvrability)
  10. You can get a lot more of your army on the table in an Escalation mission.
  11. You can bypass the pitched battle limitations, going beyond the maximum allowed number of leaders, artillery, and/or behemoths.

I think that about covers it.

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