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Hi, My name is Sean


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Good Afternoon! Everyone..

My name is Sean, i go by the alias @HobbyHammer on twitter and run a few blogs too. 

I originally got into Wargaming when the board game HeroQuest came out many moons ago. From this I soon got onto the Fantasy steam train and got into Warhammer 2nd Edition, I collected Chaos and had a vast amount of Beastmen. I spent many days round my friends house who collected Space Marines and we sat there painting and even played games (that we made up ourselves) Space Marines Vs Beastmen. 

I spent the next few editions collecting and painting until I started college in 2000, I stopped and sold all of my models, during this time I met my wife of 10 years and generally didn't think about Warhammer again until 2014. My brother who is disabled walked past a Games Workshop with me one day and wanted to go in. Whilst in the store I got very nostalgic and saw the quality of the Beastmen models now a days and picked some up for myself, my brother picked up some Empire. He only has the use of one hand, so I decided I would painted his up as well as mine and the plastic crack kicked in.

Now AoS is here, I paint constantly, any time I have free is spent under the daylight lamp. I blog on www.hobbyhammer.com providing painting tutorials and have also created a campaign on www.theriseofempires.com. Check both out if you like. 

I have also created a narrative escalating campaign which you can download below. 

So thats it. Enough about me.. What about you?

The One True Realmgate Campaign Pack.pdf

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