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'Sow Terror and Confusion' vs. 'Gore Drenched Icon'



'Sow Terror and Confusion' (Dark Riders)
'Gore Drenched Icon' (Bloodletters)

One of the guys I'll be playing regularly is running a Khorne Demon heavy Chaos army.  Both of these abilities trigger off of rolling a '1' for Battleshock tests.  Having recently sorted out that the player who's turn it is resolves theirs first, means that these abilities will work differently depending on who's turn it is.  There are two situations that don't have clear answers and I'm wondering how you guys would resolve it.

1- (Dark Aelf Turn) Bloodletters roll a '1' for Battleshock.  Since 'Sow Terror and Confusion' resolves first, we roll a D6 and add it to the result.  If this wipes out the unit, do the Bloodletters get to add models back to the unit since the 'Gore Drenched Icon' still triggers?  Or is the unit Destroyed completely because he can't add models to a unit that doesn't exist?

2- (Demon Turn) Bloodletters roll a '1' for Battleshock.  Since 'Gore Drenched Icon' resolves first, we add D6 lost models to the unit.  If this takes the unit back above 10 models, does he get the bonus for having 10 models when calculating how many casualties die?  Or do we go off the original model count at the time the test was taken?  


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I don't think the sequence of resolution matters here based on strict reading.
The bonus for >=10 models is determined at the point you take the test, I.e. before you roll the dice.
The GDI doesn't override removing models either.
GDI unit requires BS test.
Count models, determine Bravery score.
Roll D6.
If roll is a 1;
---add D6 models to unit
---Roll an additional D6, add to existing die score (I.e. 1)
Add number of casualties caused to die score.
Remove models based on comparison of bravery score to die/ce & casualty score.

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I think I see what you're saying.  Thank you for clearing up the Bravery thing, after reading it again, it made more sense.

As for the rest of  it, you're saying that the order in which the abilities doesn't matter, since they both occur before any casualties are removed?

1 - Unit requires a Battleshock test.  Count up models before rolling to see if there are any bonuses for having 10x models.
2 - Roll the Dice, in which case a '1' comes up.  
Abilities trigger and REGARDLESS of who's turn it is.
A - Add a D6 to the Result from the Dark Riders.
B - Add D6 models to the unit.
Resume normal play.
3 - Add the result of the roll to the number of Casualties, and then remove a model for each number higher than the Bravery of the unit.

Have I got it right?


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