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Tzeentch Daemons summonig list


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I had an idea for a list concept.

The idea is to be as flexible as possible and to avoid being in unfavourable match-ups or scenarios. Plus being able to mix it up keeps it interesting. The way I plan on having this is using fast and/or all purpose troops with summoning capacity.

So at 100opts:

Changeling (140/140)

Blue Scribes (120/260)

2x10 horros (280/540)

460 Summoning poits

For 2000pts add:

LoC (260/800)

Herald on disc (120/920)

1x10 horrors (140/1060)

1x6 screamers (280/1340)

660 summoning points

The Changeling and scribes are useful and cannot be summoned, so need to included in the list. The changeling can be deployed in the opponents backfield and slow/harass/disrupt the opponent or summon a small force.  Can a unit that was summoned summon in the same turn? If yes the changeling can summon a herald at CV 5, which can summon something big using it's tome, so much for those war machines. The scribes are a reliable caster that buffs other Tzeentch casters (i.e. poor man's LoC).

At 2000pts the LoC is more affordable and you want one to be the general. The screamers are fast enough that they are still flexible and it gets risky to try summoning everything, the herlad is there to give them the locus.

What do you think? What Tzeentch or Slaanesh daemons are useful to summon under which circumstances?

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24 minutes ago, fued said:

Wouldnt work in escalation. Any alpha strike list is gonna have the pink horrors dead turn 1

How would that work exactly, I'm genuinely curious (there isn't really a competitive crowd around here)?

Can I put the scribes out of reach?

You can't kill the changeling turn one if I deploy him with your army, but I would be hard pressed to win with only a changeling and a summoning pool.

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Tzeentch and Slaanesh are both speedy forces that are rather light on defense. In a lot of situations you'd be better off just deploying the same daemons you would summon and try and get first turn charges, etc. I think the best things to summon would be where you're lacking, I.e. defense; things like Plaguebearers and Nurglings.

That being said, I applaud you for picking the two gods that you did! If you're gonna stick with them then I'd summon some alpha-strikey, glass-cannon types (because iron cannons are absent) and just try and blast critical targets as fast as possible. Rely on speed and remember to play to the objectives and I think it'll do alright!

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