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I'm Eric, aka @StoneMonkGamer online  

Started using this moniker back when I got online in 2000 so I am using it for Warhammer now. I do like to keep hobby and family and work separate online.

in 2014 I started with Ogors - loved the aesthetic and the character - and then jumped into Death when Nagash came out and that army is my biggest labor of love so far. When AoS hit I thought the ruleset was brilliant as I was already creating games without points.

I tapped Davy and a dude named Mal and we started the MORTAL REALMS PODCAST where we focus on the narratives and fun in AoS. Go visit out space here on TGA to discuss the latest episodes.

I Twitter like a maniac and also on YouTube

My favorite thing about this community is all the creative and unique expressions of AoS that have popped up since it began. I hope it continues.

I love being a dad. I started a video production company in 2011 which has grown beyond just me so I'm just one of the owners now #Relief

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