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Nurgle alliance


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So this started as a project of love for 8th. I was planing lots of covertions, taking units that looked cool etc. I managed to paint 3 units and then AoS came around. I jumped on the chance, scrambled to finish the army before a tournament and then a week before said tournament the hobby fires just died. After a few months of serious hobby wobbles I am now back and working on my nurgle.

In this thread I'll try to post my progress and I'd be thankful for any tips and or critique you might give me.

Here are som pics of what I have completed so far and som WIP on plaugebearers. 

I'll try to post regurarly as I go along. I'm now working on the start collecting Nurgle box and after that I'll add som plauge monks. Then we'll see where I go from there.

Grandfather's blessings upon you and please tell me what you think :)






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Thanks Amy! Considering your armies I take that as a huge compliment :)

Here are some close-ups of the warriors of Nurgle and some more WIP pictures of the daemons.

Overall the idea with the army is to take a step away from the traditional green skintone of Nurgle and make them look more like actual disease-ridden men and daemons. Hence the pallid skintone of my army. The way I paint the skin has evolved alot from the ogres who I painted first, I think they have like 9 layers on the skin. To the blightkings who have 7 layers to the choosen/warriors and daemons who have 4. But I think that kinda works, they still fit in together. 

By the way the choosen/warriors are converted, each and everyone using bits from the blightkings or by greenstuffing.

Thanks, please comment and tell me what you think and if you have any tips or ideas you'd like to share.

















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I'm getting there with my plauge bearers. Sadly I'm not really happy with the skin but I can't put my finger on what makes me unhappy. What do you guys think? Do you like it, got any tips or ideas on things I could change? 





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Thanks for the replies guys. @Brunel.Richard that's not a bad idea. Might be worth looking in to some glazes but I think I have figured out what bothered me with the skin; some of the models have to much pallid wych flesh on them so I just have to go over them again with some rakart flesh to tone them down a bit. I also found that when I put some more color on them, swords, horns etc it helped to tone down the highlights on the skin a bit. @hobgoblinclub glad to hear that you are embrasing grandfathers blessings 

Now for progress, I've mostly built terrain this week but I managed to get some time in on the nurgle stuff. So without further ado, here are some more WIP pics of the plaugebearers, early WIP of drones and also som terrain i finished over the weekend. (Appologies for the shoddy pictures)

As always C&C is most wellcome.














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Those Plague Bearers are looking good. The extra details have helped. Its always amazing to me when you paint something small and all of the sudden the model just starts to "work", that it goes from meh to wow with a few brush strokes. The bleeding/pus leaking standing stones are a cool idea; I may have to seal it!

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Thanks man, yeah that phenomenon never ceases to amaze me. It was the same with my Nurgle choosen, they looked like shait until the final details. Steal away man that's why I post here to share ideas

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So I since I'm not quite happy with the plauge bearers I tried to tone them down and to blend the hightlights a bit more with some Agrax. I used it straight from the pot. I'll post two pics of the washed one and two of an unwashed plaugebeater. Which one do you guys like better? (The one with teeth in the stomach is the washed one)





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Great looking and inspiring army! I think the plaguebearers are looking really nice (in a bad, rotten way) and with bases they got even better. I have just started a similar army myself, with the "start collecting Nurgle"-box, some Blightkings and some extra Drones. Hope to add a Nurgle-Giant to the force. Your Ogors are really cool and disgusting! Are you using them as Ogors ore something else?
Would be nice to read about your experiences playing with this force. As a noob AoS-general I could use some hints. Keep up with the posting!

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Thank you @drjonson! That sounds like a great start to a Nurgle force, and wellcome to father nurgle's embrace ^^ I use my ogors as plauge ogors from tamurkhan's horde, they are beasts! :) I've played quite a few games with this force minus the daemons. They are very resilient, especially with Festus and the blightkings giving wounds back. My main problem is that they are quite slow, it's really only the knights that can go fast and they easily get boged down. But I like the force and the  blightkings can dish out an insane amount of damage, and if Festus has put curse of the leper (permanent -1 save) on the target unit it's even more insane ;)

On an other note I've put some more work into the plaugebearers. Now it's only some touch up on the details (boils, nurglings and some touch ups)

P.S follow me on instagram northernlightpainting 






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You have a new follower on Insta. ;) Maybe some drones for a little bit of speed? I have also thought of including Epidemius, and a couple of Plague Claw Catapults. Figure the Tally grows quite quickly. What do you think? 

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A great painting blog Primarch, I like seeing how your army is coming together. 

You did right to not wash the plaguebearers - I think the fact that they have pale skin, close in tone to the 'mortals' of your force helps give a cohesive look - I'll be trying to emulate your scheme on my own plaguebearers when the time comes. 

I like the use of extensive conversions/kit bashes - there's nothing quite like having an army filled with truely unique minis. 

If I could make a suggestion - add an additional colour to your display board - the grass and the slime pools being similar colours slightly detracts from the overall look - but, I am being extremely picky there. 

Keep up the good work. 


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So played a game with my full force today. Used the bearers and the drones a bit to aggressivly so they got hammered by 25 greatswords and 3 demigryphs. I did manage to win the game in the final round though. The harbringer of decay and 15 chosen killed 5 liberators and 3 liberators in 2 rounds of combat. Festus was the mvp with some well timed curse of the leper and taking a charge from 3 demigryphs, dealing 2 wounds and holding until the blightkings could swoop in and save the day. Only took pics of the set up. Big shout out to my friend Christopher (randompaint on instagram) and his beautiful stormcasts and empire.








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