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Dracoth on the Table

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Was wondering what people think of how Dracoth look on the gaming table. They seem kind of static looking online and not as dynamic as most AOS models. 

The general design is cool but they remind me of the awkwardness of Fyreslayer models for instance. Never seen them on a table in person however.

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Yeah, I feel that.  It's an older kit, but I just built 2 and I think they actually look pretty cool.  Nice thing is the only super poky brittle thing is the tail, which is less fragile than many more modern kits.

The legs of the Dracoths, and Stardrake, and to some extent the Stormdrakes, all seem pretty stiff in pictures.  On the table they're a little more interesting IF you say take a box which has 2 poses, and toss in the different Vandus Hammerhand one in each of 2 units, and then if you're skilled with a hobby knife/jeweler's saw you could cut and pivot the legs and head of another kit for even more slightly altered poses to net 2 units of 4 completely different Dracoths. 

I'm doing 1 unit of Tempestors and 1 of Desolators/Fulminators (magnets are pretty easy to do in the right weapon shoulders.).

One other idea is to do different zenithal effects on the same Dracoth poses to give them a different effect a bit.  Kinda like doing different make-up shadows on noses to make them look skinnier or bigger, etc.

Dracoths are solid, battleline in Hammers of Sigmar, reasonably fast and tough, with some shooting to help them out.  Pricy in points but generally worth it from my experience of getting hammered by them in the past :D

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