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Help with a Themed Army


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I’ve long had a dream of making an army based around the idea of “Warcraft 3” Alliance units. I’ve even gone as far as to conceptualize the more modern World of Warcraft Alliance which opens other armies up to be thematic. 

I’ve done my best to do counts as proxies for each Warcraft 3 unit in the Alliance and I am working on the same for the Night Elves who are a part of the WoW alliance. 

Alliance races include:

- Humans

- Dwarves

- High Elves 

- Night Elves

- Worgen

- Gnomes

- Draenei

- Pandaren 

Almost half of these have absolutely no equivalent to Warhammer at all and so I didn’t even bother including the allied races. However I’m also looking to go far more old school anyway, Warcraft 3 to Vanilla WoW era because anything beyond that is again irrelevant. There’s no blue aliens to counts as Draenei or Werewolves in Grand Alliance Order so it doesn’t matter. 

I’m certain somehow between Cities of Sigmar, Sylvaneth and potentially Lumineth Realm Lords there is enough counts as Humans, Dwarves, High Elves and Wood Elves to make a pretty decent Alliance themed Army. 

For the Humans I have the following:

Paladin - Lord Relictor or maybe Runelor

Archmage - Celestial Hurricanum w/ Battlemage

Footman - Freeguild Guard

Knight - Demigryph Knights

For the Dwarves I have:

Mountain King - Warden King

Riflemen - Irondrakes

Flying Machine - Gyrocoptor

Siege Engine - Steam Tank

Mortar Team - Helstrom Rocket Battery (?)

Gryphon Riders - Freeguild General on Griffon

For the High Elves this was hard but I have:

Bloodmage - Aqshy Battlemage

Priest - RunePriest (?)

Sorceress - Sorceress 

Spellbreaker - Vanari Blademasters or Evocators?? 

Dragonhawk Riders - Stormdrake Guard (?) 

And finally for summons something like:

Water Elemental - Kharydbyss (?)

Phoenix - Flamespyre Phoenix 

Next we have the Night Elves:

Demon Hunter - Nomad Prince maybe? 

Priestess of the Moon - Allarielle? i don’t know 

Warden - Assassin (?) 

Keeper of the Grove - Branchwraith

All Ancients - Treelord Ancient or Durthu 

Archer - Sisters of the Watch

Huntress - Wild Riders 

Glaive Thrower - Celestar Ballistae maybe?

Dryad - Sisters of the Thorn

Bear Druid - no idea 

Mountain Giant - Treelord (?) 

Hippogryph - I don’t know

Crow Druid - I don’t know

Faerie Dragon - I don’t know

Chimera - I have no idea Black Dragon maybe? But I don’t think they come without riders

Treant - Dryads 

hippogryph riders - I don’t know. 

Any help completing the Night Elves would be great and any ideas about an actual functioning list based around this idea would also be great. 

im thinking Freeguild general, demigryph knights, Freeguild Guard and Irondrakes would make a solid start for Footman, Knights, Dwarven Riflemen and a Gryphon Rider. Outside of that I’m not too sure. 

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26 minutes ago, Neil Arthur Hotep said:

Are you mostly trying to match the look of the unit or its role in the game?

Regardless, a few ideas:

Hippogryph - Tauralon with a head swap:


Demon Hunter - Try to get hold of Eltharion the Blind and run him with Galen ven Denst's rules?



A little bit or column A and a little bit of column B. I’m planning on 3D prints and a ton of 3rd Party miniatures. Scibor has fantastic dwarves and generic knights that look perfect for “Footman”. 

The look matters but I don’t even mind race swapping. I’m also trying to match abilities to abilities in a way. Obviously nobody has resurrect 6 units abilities like the Paladin ultimate but Runelord or Lord Relictor do have heal at least. Or potentially a Lord Arcanum on foot in Living City with the healing spell and the ability to Rez a Stormcast unit. 

I was even considering running an Elven Priest as the Runelord because they have holy fire which increases damage (Forgefire), they have blessing of stamina but in WC3 it was called something else similar to the 6+ ward save and heal. 

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