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Skaven, not stirred


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What up all


so I'm in 2 minds at the mo... Starting age of sigmar from 30k and deciding between Beast Claw and Skaven at the moment


Just looking for some input on my proposed Skaven route to see if it's viable, fun to play with and fun to play against. 


First 1000 pts

verminlord deciever

20 X clanrats

20 X clan rats

rattling gun team

ratling gun team

20 X storm vermin


.....adding the following for 1500

warp Lightning cannon

stormfiends with warp fire projectors 


.....and then to 2000

10 X clanrats

Arch warlocok

another 3 storm fiends (not sure what to arm with)


I like the idea of Skaven over Beastclaw curently as there's a lot more choice at lower points levels and I really love the asthetics of the big fiends/vermin lords/thanqol. I also fancy being a bit more shooty as I'm used to playing world eaters in 30k


Down side is I'd have to paint a lot more, but I would be able to do it in the 3 points stages above do would be a nice project I feel with plenty of gaming in between


Would love thoughts on the lists and any tips you have on being a dirty rat!


thanks guys!

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I love Skaven. It's the army that grabbed me right off the bat for Warhammer.  I also love a fighty/Eshin list with a dash of Skryre, so what you have here appeals to me. The only thing I'd consider is seeing if you can take a Skaven Warlord, give him a crown of command to make both of your Clan Rat units or Stormvermin Immune to Battleshock (inspiring presence). Giving the Stormvermin an additional attack is also great. I love Stormvermin!

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50 clanrats isn't too bad. If you don't want to paint that many, maybe run them in 10s. I'm currently building a skaven army and I'm only taking the minimum 30. That way they might grab an objective but I'm not fussed if they die. Units of 20 will be more susceptible to battleshock anyway, unless you spend more points protecting them.

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What else do you include in the army with 30 clan rats?


Also, is the vermin King worth taking over the Lord? It's only an extra 20 pts from the deciever. Obviously the 13 spell is tough to get off and there's no skitter leap, but being able to add plus 1 to hits or wounds seems pretty decent 

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