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Archaon Bomb list


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Hey guys so i have a tournament in October and had an idea for a kind of gimicky list. Here's the list and I'll describe the strategy below


Wrath of khorne Bloodthirster


2x bloodsecrators

5x10 bloodreavers

Chaos war mammoth 

Basically the wrath of khorne bt gives his command ability to archaon (since he has daemon, and khorne keywords) and then he gets whipped by the Bloodstoker. Turn 1 charge with archaon. The bloodsecrators dump their banners turn 1 or 2 to get in range of archaon and the Bloodthirster and then just grind. I wanted to include the mammoth since I have the model and it's just too cool. Finally a bunch of bloodreavers just to sit back and grab objectives, while the big gribblies just tie up the opposing army. Anyway just thought this would be silly, but let me know what you guys think. I don't think it will win, but archaon in your face turn 1 is just too awesome :)

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