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Quick question concerning shades


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Hey guys,

I thought someone here might help. Just cracked opened a fresh bottle of Agra, and expecting to give my bronze armour a nice muted down wash… expect that it now shines! Not what I wanted. Looks like a gloss varnish now. Gave it a good extra shake and a stir with a tooth pick and still comes out glossy. I have been using the “magic” of the shades for some time now and I have never experienced this. 

Does anyone have explanations or suggestions? 

My thanks good sirs,


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There is a gloss version, as Sabush said it could be that you accidentally grabbed that one.

I have heard (but never tried myself) that a matte varnish will dull down glossy finishes, so you could give that a try on the models you have already painted with the glossy finish, and then either continue doing so, or get yourself a new bottle and save this gloss one for when you want a shine.

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