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Lumineth Terrain


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I've been planning a Hysh board for a little while now. I'm going with some light tan/golden grasses to match the little wheats on the Lumineth bases, as well as some fairly bright grey rocks for contrast (look at the grassland areas of Bastion in WoW if you're familiar).

I definitely want to do one of those classic High Elf obelisks -- when I was a kid my mom helped me make one and it was the one piece of terrain I had that wasn't just the cardstock houses from the box games and WD. I got a set of the Teclis base ruins from a bits site too. Beyond that, I'm not too sure. The tome doesn't help much, it's just some floating islands and larger versions of the little bonsai trees.

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I haven't quite settled on an in-lore explanation yet, but my Lumineth are Ymetricans with a slightly altered colour scheme (turqoise instead of blue). For the ground I'm going for high mountain passes and such, so it's mostly lighter grey rubble with some occasional green grassy patches. I also added a few small piles or pyramids of flat and round stones and some warm, yellow crystals to catch a bit of that interdimensional high fantasy vibe.20210610_114017.jpg.92e77c943c32ca9146df1dce496fdaa8.jpg


I have never really made terrain for boards myself so I can't really help with that. I guess our strongest sense of Lumineth architecture comes from the Shrine Luminor. So they like towers and floating structures.


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