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Landsknecht Mega-Gargants army


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So half a year ago i decided to make myself a Sons of Behemat army.  Scince im not really a fan of GW gargants - i decided to model my own from scratch. Here are the results and few thoughts about the process. 

So the reason i dont like GW gargant models is that they are just big boring dudes covered in trash, when we have people of Order making armor for giant Stardrakes, the demonic forges of Chaos making armor and weapons for Greater Deamons, etc. I understand that they are barbaric, so the proper backstory was needed. I always loved Ogre mercenaries from old FB and how they use different thematic clothes and weapons  - so i thought about making an Empire-themed gargant pack. The band of giants that work for some great city of Sigmar in exchange for ale.  And the most obvious inspiration for human warriors in Warhammer are ofc the landsknechts. So thats where i began. 

I really wanted to make a detailed and flamboyant clothes for them, but  i also tried to maintain at least some realism in the process. So the thing that took the longest amount of time was designing these "miles" of fabrics and stiches. I also wanted them to look different but still coherent, so they would look good as a group. Truth is - when i began i didnt really think if it would be hard to print and paint it, i just went with the flow)  When I finished modelling and began slicing em to parts - thats when the real challenge began. For me the hard part in modelling a mini from scratch is that you basically need to plan how to slice the miniature in parts in advance. If you dont do that - you will have issues later, when youve modelled some cool stuff, but now you have to slice it in halves, because it wont fit in the printer - and now you will have a seam on the most noticeable place that youll have to hide with greenstuff. And seams are ugly. I always try to hide them as good as i can.  

For the weapons -  i didnt really thought about reimagining them. The classic flamberge and katzbalger - after all, if humans use them in the realms of Sigmar and it works - why wouldnt they just make the bigger copies of these for the giants?  The lucerne hammer is a little stylized, more fantasy looking, and the flail - well i think it just looks cool).  

The bits of armor and helmets were also inspired by landsknecht paintings. I wanted to make a full plated guy at first but couldnt really make his belly look good in the process, so i ended up making just some huge pauldrons - again, to hide seams. The sabatons and shoes were also thought about, but in the end I like the bare feet more. I think they add more character to the model, and these ugly fingers are just silly looking) 


If you have any questions about this project - feel free to ask! Right now im in a process of painting them, so ill add the proper photos when i finish all three. 


Lets go! The first one is the Doppelsoldner Giant. Enormous flamberge and a huge leather hat, that was heavily inspired by Markus Kruber style from Vermintide. 

This is a huge model, his height is around 30 cm (with the hat and feathers) and he perfectly fits on a 130mm base to be able to proxy a GW Mega-gargant, probably a warstomper. 


And some close-ups





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And the last, but not least - the shooty guy. He is a kind of arquebusier-landsknecht giant. He has a cage with cannonballs and a gunpowder horn. He is definetely a gatebreaker. And the most armored one. 



The flail


The gunpowder horn


And a cannonball "pouch" )




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Here is the painted Doppelsoldner.  He is almost 12 inches in height and his sword is 10 inches long. Ive added the Empire soldiers so it would be easier to understand the scale of the model. Ive also decided to make a very simple base, so the main focus would be on the model. 


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