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  1. Genuinely sad to hear that. I am no tournament player myself but I can understand it. I always hoped to get more dragons for SCE and now that it finally happened (will happen) I want to assemble them, paint them and play with within my friendgroup. I guess this will take us another 2 to XX weeks then. Hopefully less than a two-digit number.
  2. Had a 2000 pt. game last night against Seraphon which I've lost. I tested: 2x5 Vindictors, Lord-Imperatant (Arcane Tome), 3 Annihilators with meteoric grandhammers, Lord-Relictor (Translocation, High Priest), Gotrek, 2 Stormdrakes and 10 Protectors (4 Starsoul Maces). My opponent castled up his Lord Kroak, Oracle on Troglodon, Starpriest, Priest and Battle Standard Bearer behind terrain and 3x20 skinks, 2x5 Saurus Knights, 10 S-Warriors and let 2 Salamanders infiltrate later. I gave him first turn and hid a bit and the only exposed unit was the not-so-tanky Stormdrakes. I lost half of the unit to buffed skink venom (teleport) and a couple of magical MWs (although Kroak started the game with his first spell being a dud [2 ones and 2 MWs for him, his other spells got converted to summoning points]). In my first turn, I scioned down the annihilators next to kroaks skink-shield and failed the rerollable 7-inch charge. The translocated Protectors attacked 2x40 skinks, the warriors and one unit of knights and I completely messed up the rolls.. 4x D3 MWs on 2+ netted me 2 MWs, 31 attacks on 2+ (AoA), 3+, -2, D1 only killed about 3-5 Skinks, 1 Warrior and no Knights at all. Bad save rolls on 2+ killed one protector. The Stormdrake failed his flame stream but successfully hero-phase-charged the buffed skinks (->no Unleash Hell) and the other knight unit and together with some vindictors thus scored the primary objective (only 5 knights contested it before and 4 died). As my first turn was plagued with bad rolls, I took the chance of a double turn and charged the unlucky annihilators (besides failing their charge beforehand, they also did only 1 mortal wound from crashing down) into the skinks and the first one died to UH. Awesome. The protectors whiffed their attacks again and another one got hurt (at least he lived..). The surviving Stormdrake did nothing (and got eaten by the troglodon in the following turn) and Gotrek shreddered some more skinks (18 out of 20 in TWO turns and 4 activations T_T; I swear, my rolls are bad on a universal level) but 2 survived and passed their battleshock test in two consecutive turns. This is when the game completely turned on me and Kroak started to wreck me in their second turn. Celestial Deliverance wiped out half of my army (as every single unit and all 3 objectives) were inside of his 18" radius. The rest of the game can be told very briefly: Kroak took another turn to kill every stormcast safe from a heavily damaged Lord-Imperatant, a half-dead Relictor, 1 brave vindictor and 2 equally brave (but pillow-fisted) Starsoul Mace Protectors. And Gotrek. Boy was this dwarf angry. I guess that's what kept him alive (at least I could make 3+ Ward save rolls). Together they killed Kroak in a single Combat Phase (21 allocated wounds) but they still could not kill the troglodon which first regenerated wounds and then teleported out of combat to contest the new primary objective. Well, the game was lost with 10 to approx. 22 VPs but Gotrek still did not die while the whole of the SCE force was massacred and beaten back to azyr. I like the new sturdyness of our golden bois, but MW-heavy lists still prove a big hurdle. Next game I will try out Hammers of Sigmar instead of Knights Excelsior and Fulminators (which hopefully will prove to be more of a hammer than protectors. At least if i manage to roll better.) instead of Protectors. Wish me luck, folks. On paper, the dragons sure are good but they have specific problems which were pointed out earlier and some army's will simply outmanouver you. If I could have I would have like to use draconic onslaught to fly over skinks and then attack Kroak or the other buffing heroes but it was utterly impossible. I should have used "unleash thy hatred" on the protectors in the first turn instead of saving it up until they were diminished by Kroak. Looking forward to testint Fulminators now. According to statshammer they should do way more damage while still counting for 8 models (to the protectors 10) for objective contesting and are more likely to successfully charge after a translocation.
  3. If it's not Soulblight or SCE, I would think it to be a LotR miniature.
  4. Exactly. Shame though that greathammer annihilators are more expensive than the "normal" ones. I prefer those with their 2+ save but I will buy at least three otheres anyway because I love the models.
  5. Still not sure whether I can finish him before the new GW dragons arrive but as they are postponed for a bit and I could at least lay down base colours with the airbrush, it might be possible.
  6. Thank you for sharing, PJetski Can anyone remember the point cost for longstrike raptors in the new SCE book from leaks? Doubling the shots is awesome. I did not play them for a long time because I did not like the Anvils of the Hammerhand shenanigans. I like the ballista changes although I despise 2D6 values as I too often roll two ones. I would have preferred 4D3 (and for GW to change all D6 values to multiple D3s instead, but that's just me) but hitting on 4+ compensates for the change to the lost ordinator drop tactic.
  7. I have this list idea lying around for a couple of days - what do you all think about it?
  8. It grows.. Fitting together the stone parts was not easy and took some sculpting clay, but that model is worth it ❤️
  9. I second this. But I still need to warm up with the face of the tauralon. But maybe with an alternative head.. something more dragon-ish mmmh. Do y'all think the drakes will be about 10-11 wounds each? I can't imagine them being 12 wounds. And I'm still not sure about the monster keywords. That would make them significantly more potent and there is precedence with gargants of having more than one monster in a unit but still.. I hope they will not be too expensive points-wise because I would want to field a bit more than only the knight dracothion and 3 min-sized units of them in 2000 points.
  10. Overread is right, sorry for forgetting to mention this in my private message. The 3mf files really would be best but since beggars should not be choosers I simply was so thankful for the files that I did not inquire any further XD These files would also be helpful to print the stairs/base on a fdm printer. One of the two stones "pierres" alone would take 127g of resin. I can recommend Lychee slicer for supports since I use it for both the Photon mono and Elegoo Mars and it produced way better functioning supports (for me) which also do not harm the printed surface that much. I already printed the right wing so far, currently working on the head and tail. Shall I post my results (pictures) later in the week? Thank you again, Jeanfluflu!
  11. Wow, just wow! I love your dragon and would love to print and paint it myself. Your paintjob looks pretty good as well so far (although I am biased because I love blue..) I think it would look awesome next to my stardrake, dracoths and the upcoming drake cavalry and the new big dragons by GW. Without wanting to be impatient, are you still planning to upload it to gumroad? I think, when I'll ever get to print it, I would attach my old Lord Celestant to the base of this majestic creature and give it a paintjob overhaul as it was one of my first Stormcast minis and would pale in comparison to your dragon, Jeanfluflu. Best wishes,
  12. Stegadon Headdress viewed from behind? Implying a new Stegadon kit..?
  13. Good idea! He's better in Close Combat as well and the model is gorgeous. Imho way prettier than some of the purifier sculpts.. If Myari wasn't Ymetrica, she could have been fun in my Zaitrec army with +2 to cast and two spells. I like her 6 additional squad wounds and overall combat prowess but as with almost all named squads, other no-name squads fare better.
  14. One Idea which I've had that could be useful is positioning Myari inbetween two units of Sentinels. With -1 to hit from Shining Company and another -1 from her spell, they could be protected against ranged attacks and targetting her means -2 as well with look out sir!.
  15. Has this been changed? As far as I know, in matched play, you do not choose a new general after your initial general dies.
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