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  1. I kitbashed some Nurgle Chaos Warriors awhile back and just got around to painting them. First real attempt at kitbashing an entire unit and it seemed to go pretty well. I have some nurgle chaos knights coming down the line and a few lords in various states of building or painting. The goal is to eventually have nurgle marked warriors, knights, chariots, and lords to compliment my Rotbringer army. Let me know what you think! Im not the best painter, and I am horrible at edge highlighting but I tried my best anyways!!
  2. The mouth is not too vibrant. Looks great. That pop of color helps to contrast the rest of the color scheme.
  3. I have some mortal nurgle units and am working on kitbashing some nurgle chaos warriors out of blood warriors and leftover blightking bits, but I'm having trouble thinking of a good way to "de-demonize" some plaguebearers. I'm not a huge fan of the super weird nurgle bits, nor am I a fan of the demon aesthetic, so I'm wondering if you all have an ideas on what to try and throw together for a "counts as" unit of plaguebearers. I had to buy extra bits to make sure my blightkings werent too gross, but still gross enough. I'm thinking of either getting a bunch of free people's and throwing bits from the plaguebearers on them, but I'm not sure that a mix between a unit of guard and bearers would work out. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  4. True, but if you picture the wind coming from the back and blowing the cloaks away just to either side by chance....then it kind of makes sense.
  5. What would the cost be for both boxes shipped to the US?
  6. You're conversion work here is an inspiration for me. I just did some minor conversions on a Sorcerer Lord to make him nurgley and he looks good, but your work with greenstuff is just above and beyond what I can currently do. Do you have any videos or resources you found helpful along the way during this project? Or is it all experience?
  7. I just had more damage dealt when someone had rerolls on failed saves. Should be less damage dealt. EDIT: All rerolls, whether on failed saves or save rolls of 1 result in more damage dealt to the target.
  8. For the Dragonlord horn, is this just 1 extra attack on all weapons (instead of 4 attacks, its 5) or does the creature attack an extra time entirely (4 attacks, then 4 attacks again)? Thanks
  9. I just wanted to stop in and say how wonderfully designed this is. My friend and I set ourselves up to play a quick scenario to test the waters and ended up 5 hours and 3 progressive scenarios later with two unique warbands with a great story for each. What a great system. Are there any plans to expand on the stock scenarios offered in the book? One thing we struggled with was designing custom scenarios, and specifically custom rewards for winners/losers and the objectives, that fit our story.
  10. stato has it here. The Stormcast are able to be the allies of other Order armies (i.e. 20% of any Order army can be Stormcast). This is fitting since they are not really "normal" in that they have their own cultural identity, rather they are forged from great warriors. They are also helping out in Sigmar's name wherever the forces of Order need help.
  11. I think this is a much more elegant way of handling the stacking of abilities. It allows for some crazy buffs in the right situations but there is ALWAYS a chance for failure or success in any given roll. I love the critical success and critical failure idea from playing DnD in the past, and I think its more thematic this way than to outright ban certain sequences of play (double buff from double heros for example).
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