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KO and Spell in a bottle




I am working on a first strike list for KO and thinking about taking the Chronimantic cogs as a spell in the bottle, but I am not sure if it is working.

If am understood the ability of the the spell correct the endless spell ignores any of its normal casting restrictions, but for the cogs I need a caster to manipulate it in the hero phase. Is it still possible with KO ?

The next question would be if I first use the spell in my movement phase, is it still possible to use the ability of the cogs in this turn?

I hope you understand what I mean 😉

Thanks in advance.

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It’s worth noting that you could take the Seraphon bound chronomantic cogs.

The wording of the bound version of the spell says “the caster(not wizard!) ...can manipulate”, meaning a khemist could use it in a bottle. It is more expensive than normal cogs tho. 
Someone pointed this out to me over in the KO thread.

For the second part of the Q, if I understand what you are asking correctly, yes, if you cast it in the hero phase, it can then be manipulated at the end of that hero phase. Meaning you get the benefit in the move/charge phase of that same turn. As @jamie.white pointed out, you can’t cast or manipulate the cogs in the movement phase.

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Interesting , the artefact says you can cast it , without restriction , but the spell itself says you need to be a wizard to manipulate it , so I guess you could cast it but you wouldn’t be able to use the cogs . 

the spell says that you manipulate them in the hero phase , so no you wouldn’t be able to do it in the movement phase . 

happy to be corrected though . 

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1 hour ago, kleinemade said:

Thanks a lot, i also got the idea of the bound version, but i am also not sure if the Khemist is counted as a "caster".

He definitely does!

The description of spell in a bottle, says "...the bearer may automatically cast that endless spell..."

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