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In need of some opinions on 1000point list


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Hi everyone, got a small one day local tournament coming up using full Vanguard Matched Play rules. There will be 3 scenarios played from GH which will be randomly chosen on the day. Cant take a side pool, so One list to cover all! I'm going with Order so wanted to get opinions on the below lists and which one you would choose.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 13.46.17.png

In this list, I have gone for bodies and a bit of speed, pretty mixed list but has a few soft Characters and a squishy Bowmen unit.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 14.23.01.png

This list is lower on Wound count and numbers, slower battle line but strong fast Characters mean it eat through a lot of armies.

Help! Thanks!

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Are Peasant Bowmen not a bit sub-optimal in units of below 20 (or 32 in matched play!)

Is the event going to be using the suggested 4x4 table size for 1k/vanguard games? If so KotR aren't going to be worth their points - along with all the heavy cav units from 8th that aren't really, really elite like Grail Knights or Blood Knights they've now become very fast speedbumps objective grabbers and less of a glorious charge dealy, with the hitting and staying power of a unit of kitted out liberators, with more speed for more points, and imo aren't worth it at smaller points values on smaller tables.

With this and the random pitched battle scenarios in mind I've gotten slightly carried away and written a list I think would be fun and effective to play with based on the models you've included in the two lists you posted:

-5 Liberators, warhammer and shield (do you have any grandhammer/blade guys? if not no big deal) (100)

-16 Men-at-arms, all the command options (120)

Two solid battleline units, the liberators are cheap and hard to kill and the men-at-arms provide bodies for scenario objectives that require you having more models next to them than your opponent.

-Freeguild General on Griffon, shield obviously, warhammer if you've got one modeled on otherwise who cares, general, command trait: Reckless, Quicksilver Salve (300)

If you like to charge, chances are you're going to fail important charges, even when you've got all kinds of buffs and bonuses telling you'll make them; for this reason Reckless is the best command trait in the game. Quicksilver Salve will be insanely useful if you charge with this guy and the Grail Knights in the same turn or have your opponent get the drop on you and charge you. I've only had the chance to use it on a dwarf lord so far, I can't imagine how angry it'll make someone on one of the better monsters in the game.

-Knight Venator (120)

-Damsel of the Lady, transport if she can get it (80)

-Paladin (80)

As many heroes as you can wheel out incase Places of Power gets rolled. They've all got their uses, the Venator is a flying, 3+ save, objective grabbing artillery piece and priceless the one time you actually get a star forged arrow through; the Damsel heals stuff, makes your knights fantastic, and arcane bolts to support the venator when she needs to; and the Paladin's an easy cheap hero for you opponent to overlook who can do serious damage against rank and file stuff  with his normal attackand terrible things to characters and monsters with a flukey heroic blow.

-5 Grail Knights (180)

Call it a hunch, but I get the impression you like knights and would like to use some. Grail Knights are elite enough to have survived being hit by the boring stick with the majority of 8th ed's heavy cav (their lances actually have a point of rend!), and combined with the griffon general's command ability will do scary, scary things on the charge. Try and charge them on the same turn as the griffon general to take advantage of his Quicksilver potion and shred everything within 3" of you before it gets a chance to fight back!

980 points - getting the right roll on the triumph table (and remembering to use it) can win you the game at 1k so hope your opponent has exactly 1000 ;)

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