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Different results 3 months apart - skin.


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I've had an issue with a giant I'm painting. The skin turned out differently on his head (painted months ago) vs body (this week). 

I was following the gw guide. 


Anyone got any ideas what I did wrong?

Added a couple of extra pics as also interested in general constructive criticism. Not happy with how he turned out. 










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For starters, it really doesn't look that different in the pictures - in fact, I honestly think the skin looks pretty good!

The two things I'm noticing are that the skin on the face and top of the head does seem a bit pale compared to the rest of the body, and that some areas seem really glossy while others look more matte. Both of those things really shouldn't be that hard to fix, fortunately.

If you want to darken the skin on the head slightly, you could always consider mixing up a thin glaze of your base skin tone (or something slightly darker) and glazing over the lighter areas to even things out a bit. As long as it's really thin, you'll still be able to see the highlights and shadows you've done underneath.

As for the glossiness, I've often had issues with that popping up as well. Certain GW washes tend to go on really glossy for me for some reason, as do Army Painter shades. My solution has just been to hit all of my models with 2 coats of matte varnish after I finish painting, which really tends to smooth out the tones and bring all the colors together. Testor's Dullcote is a common recommendation for that, and I've also really come to like AK Interactive's ultra matte varnish for this purpose.

I'm not sure if there's another issue that I'm unable to pick out in the pictures, but hopefully between those two suggestions you can come up with a fix - you obviously put a lot of time into the skin on this model, so don't give up on it yet!

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If your matte varnish is showing up glossy, you likely need to shake the bottle more. Matte varnish is matte because of the little white particles suspended in it that causes the surface to dry rough at a micriscopic level, which is what cuts the sheen. If your matte varnish is glossy, it means your particulates have probably settled on the bottom. 

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