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Deathrattle kingdom as FEC?


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Hi guys so I’m not exactly new to tga but I generally post on the khorne topic. With that said I do occasionally lurk on death and destruction for ideas for a different army that may or may not inspire me! Recently, I was listening to a priority roll episode where Dan and Chris welfare made a FEC with the idea that Dan would use 3rd party Bret models to represent the units. I thought it sounded like a cool idea, but I also love concept of deathrattle kingdoms where a fully sentient and free-thinking wight king would rule over a kingdom of skeleton subjects with his court, and was wondering if you could do the same thing with the deathrattle range instead.

So TLDR is that I was wondering whether it would be acceptable to run a proxied FEC army along the lines of a deathrattle kingdom? I was thinking skeles as ghouls, black knights as horrors, WK as arch-regent, and maybe some converted black knights or dread blade harrows with skele riders as flayers off the top of my head? Let me know what you guys think!

Also, I understand that it’s everyone’s hobby and we’re free to play models how we want, but more what I was wondering is if you all think this would be confusing to play against seeing as they’re all models with their own legal rules?

thanks guys!

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5 hours ago, Pathies said:

we’re free to play models how we want


If the units are easily distinguishable and recognizable. Luckily FEC only has 3 troops, so no big deal.
The appropriate base size is a thing, but otherwise it shouldn’t be a big deal.

 my Legion of Azgorh dwarves are awaiting the dreaded day, when GW drops their points and all that’s left are disgruntled city of sigmar  merchants 🥺

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Thanks for the input! The issue of appropriate base size does make sense though. Luckily I feel like if I decide to go this route I’ll want scenic bases anyways because It would be more of a labor of love scenario with some substantial conversions being made.

I Really hope that’s not the case for legion of azgorh though - such a cool range with confirmed bits of canon fluff. I’m hoping that somewhere (likely a ways) down the line they do them in plastics in the same spirit as the fw models. I like the idea of a chaos army that actually shoots something other than pink/blue fireballs out of mouths/fingers XD 

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3 hours ago, Pathies said:

Really hope that’s not the case for legion of azgorh

Scrapping is confirmed by FW, I poured my hate all over the internet...

I hope against reason, that GHB21 still comes with official points for them. The way they handled the winter faq with Nighthaunt points from '19, leaves me with residual hope for their lack of interest and general incompetence... which also is something to state 🤣

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