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I hail from southeast USA and have only very recently gotten into war-gaming, particularly AoS.  I played my first game this last weekend, and my SCE army got promptly destroyed by some Blades of Khorne.  Anyway, I'm here to learn, and I look forward to meeting you all on the forums! 

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Yeah. I killed a lot of his army but that somehow benefited him and he summoned a bunch of bloodletters to wipe me.

I've got about 1300 points painted. Thunderstrike Brotherhood starter box, Lord Arcanum on gryph, two units of sequitors and a celestar ballista.    I love painting miniatures for D&D and other games, and when I saw the AoS models I was blown away.  I really do look forward to learning the game though.  Trying to figure out if I want to stick with Sacrosanct or go Shootcast. 

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Welcome @WarCast! Don't lose heart at losing your first fight - each battle is a learning experience and if you ask questions here I'm sure people will help you understand what has gone right and wrong with your game and what you can do to improve. Heck do ask your opponents in real life too - most gamers knowing they are going against someone new are more than willing to help out and guide you through things.

Plus the more you play and read around the more you'll learn other army tricks that work for them. You've already found one of Khornes tricks in getting summoning points to let them draw more chaos warriors from the warp; all from how many kills are made on both sides in the match. 


Looking forward to seeing your paintwork too, both your AoS stuff and your DnD as well. 

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