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Good Morrow!

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Hi All,

Cant wait to be part of this large community, ive been collecting and modelling for the last 3 years.

so far I've only played with a  few friends not brave enough yet to join a larger community.

im currently running with:

5,000 points of Chaos
Slaves to Darkness 
Little bit of Tzeentch

1,500 Points of Order
Mostly Wood Elves/Wanderers/Sylvaneth

Im eager to see how other players armies look like!


Many thanks


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Hi there @Battlehammer Jelly Thyme,

welcome to the community.

there are many different kind of play-styles, players and armies to see and be astonished.

This place is a pretty great community were ideas and thoughts can be shared.

As for armies, I myself am a big fan of the skaven, thus I am the proud owner of around 15000points of those little rats.

Although I have dedicated most of my hobby time to the great horned rat, I’ll often also play games with my Beasts of chaos and Gloomspite gitz, another project I just started.

it’s pretty fun to use those models, and since I’ve found a smallish club, who are mostly just in for the fun, those games mostly ends with both side laughing.

anyways I hope you’ll enjoy  the great community we have here, and maybe you’ll even be able to find yourself a buddy or even a club that might peak your interest😁😉

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Hi @Skreech Verminking,

Thank you for the Welcome, I did look at the Skaven Armies back when i had the exciting decision of which army to build first and i like them for their Heroes and large artillery units but i wasn't a fan of their militia based models. saying that though i do have an Arc-Warlock from the Skaven Army, I just haven't built him yet.

15,000 WOW! I hope you have them all out on display?



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